The Importance of Cheapest Canvas Prints in Advertising

Cheapest Canvas Prints in Advertising

In the world of advertising, there nothing that can referred to as a constant. This is because advertisers are always looking for ways to enhance their marketing. Technique and sell their products and services better to people.

However, if anything close to a constant in the advertising world. Print advertising methods like display ads. Display ads such as banners, posters, and signs have used by advertisers for decades and have proved highly effective.

Benefits of Advertisements Printed On Canvas

Till a few years ago, vinyl and mesh printable materials were the automatic choice for display advertisement. However, with improvements in printing technology, it is now possible to get high quality print to canvas. Given below are some reasons why canvases are an important print advertising technique:

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Benefits of Using Lacquer Coat on Canvas Prints and Its Types

Coat on Canvas Prints

Lacquer a solvent-based protective coat that applied on personalized canvas prints after the print has applied. It protects the canvas material from discolored and helps in keeping the ink in its place.

Different Types of Lacquer Coats Used On Canvas

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no universal lacquer type which is used for all canvas prints. However, there some popular ones that used widely. Given below four types of lacquers that commonly used in canvas prints:

  • Urushiol, which found in plants and animals, is an organic allergen. This is usually derived from the sap plant and is the most traditional form of lacquer that is still in use. It gives a durable look and quality to i canvas but can only used properly by professionals.
  • The nitrocellulose lacquer gives a solvent-based finish and is popularly used for projects that have fast approaching deadlines as it can dry very quickly. This doesn’t require any professional experience to work with and handled by amateurs with some basic lacquering knowledge.
  • The acrylic lacquer is a synthetic polymer which applied to the 8×10 canvas soon after the printing. One of its great qualities is that it doesn’t cause the ink to smudge even if applied on wet print. This too is a fast-drying formula is avoided by several printers as it may contain toxins.
  • Lastly, due to the growing concern for the effects of human activity on the environment. Water-based lacquers have introduced in place of the above mentioned solvent-based lacquers. These safe for the environment and have been gaining wide popularity.

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Different Ways to Use Cheapest Canvas Prints

Cheapest Canvas Prints

Do you want to decorate the sitting spaces of your room or office with wall art? Canvas prints wall decors have become a modern form of art that makes a perfect wall décor. The canvas prints are basically reproductions of original artwork on the canvases. The framed canvas prints look great on the walls.

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