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Why Do You Need a Business Card Design Template?

In order to understand the need for a business card design template, you must understand why you need business cards. The fact is that people expect a businessman to have a business card, irrespective of the industry he works in. A business card gives you details about the person such as his company, the work he does and his contact details. In fact, there are several reasons why you need them. Take a look at some of the reasons below.

Business Card Design Template
Business Card Design Template

Low Cost Tools for Marketing

One of the biggest features of business cards is that you get cheap prints. Printing business cards requires a very low financial outlay. In fact, you can easily print thousands of business cards without letting it affect your budget. Of course, you can easily get a business card design template for free. This low cost affects the return on your investments.

You can hand over your business cards to thousands of prospects. Even if a fraction of those prospects revert back to you, your marketing effort has borne fruit. Moreover, you will have easily recovered the printing costs easily.

Easy Approach

One of the best things about business cards is that they are portable. It is easy to carry a few in your pocket or a holder. This can be invaluable when you end up meeting potential customers somewhere. After all, you may end up meeting an interested potential customer anywhere. It can be during a networking event or even during your lunch break.

A business card is the perfect way to introduce your business to the prospective client. This gives you an opportunity to continue the conversation and promote your work. Moreover, it might not always be possible to have a conversation. For example, you might be in a rush. In such cases, a business card can be exchanged quickly. This allows you to have the conversation at a later date.

For the Old School

A business card design template can be invaluable for reaching out to many people. It is particularly effective who favor the old methods of marketing. After all, not every prospective client or customer may have adopted modern communication methods. It is possible that they are not interested in digital advertisements.

In such situations, a business card can easily market your services to them. You can easily send them a postcard or a catalog with your business card inserted in them. Of course, you can also hand them over in person when the need arises.

For the Tech Savvy

The interesting thing about business cards is that you can modernize them easily. Of course, you can include your website URL and email addresses. However, there are other ways to modernize them. For example, you can add a QR code. In these ways, your business card also becomes useful for those who are tech savvy.

When cheap 55 printing your business cards, make sure that they are free from errors. Don’t forget to hire a professional printing company as they offer both cheap prints and a free business card design template.

Why Are Letterheads Important To a Business

Why Are Letterheads Important To a Business? Facts You Must Know

Every businessman knows the answer to question why are letterheads important to a business. After all, companies, big or small, need them for sending any formal communication to their clients, partners or customers. People, in fact, expect that a company will be sending them any official details by means of an official letterhead. Moreover, there are various reasons why you must use letterheads in your business.

Why Are Letterheads Important To a Business
Why Are Letterheads Important To a Business

The Importance of Letterheads

Knowing why are letterheads important to a business requires you to understand quite a few points. After all, there are several reasons why you need to be using letterheads. Take a look at some of those points below.


Interestingly, letterheads are capable of acting as marketing tools. In fact, they are rather good at this job. You can easily use letterheads for developing your brand image. Letterheads can also be a part of your marketing strategy. The reason for this is rather simple. After all, letterheads carry your brand name and logo. Therefore, they are sure to increase the exposure of your business whenever someone gets a message in your letterhead.


One of the main reasons for using letterheads is that they enhance credibility. In fact, improving credibility is one of the most vital functions performed by letterheads.

The fact is that you will be seeding official messages to your customers and clients. However, there is no reason for them to place any importance to the message unless there is a letterhead. After all, letterheads clearly show that the message is from your company. In other words, they function as a stamp of approval. People will understand that your company endorses the messages you send via letterheads.

Designing Letterheads

Despite the several benefits of these cheap prints, you need to know how to design letterheads properly. After all, you will want to impress the recipients with the letterheads.  Here are a few tips you can follow for creating amazing letterheads.

The Details

The fact is that a letterhead will not provide you enough space to put in a lot of information. After all, most of the space is for writing the actual message. As such, your letterhead design should have only the essentials. This includes the company logo, the name, phone numbers and the website URL.

As for the contact details, the fewer you give the better. However, they need to be the ones which people can use for contacting your company anytime. Therefore, an email address is a must. You may choose to give one or two phone numbers. Again, don’t place too many details.

The Visuals

Of course, you can use visual elements like images to enhance the overall appeal of the letterheads. When you do, make sure that you are simple in your approach. Simple designs are generally the most effective. Use a few colors. Cheap 55 printing will not cost a lot even if you get colored letterheads.

These are the main points that you must keep in mind when printing letterheads.

Hanging A Canvas Print | Canvas Printing

Tips for Hanging a Canvas Print

Even a few years ago, hanging a canvas print meant canvas in oil paintings or water color. However, this is not the case now. Canvas prints are common choice when it comes to the artists all around the world. This is mainly because of its durability and attractive texture. Presently, with the progress of digital technology, you can now print photos on the canvas prints. This is certainly a ground breaking improvement in this field. In fact, there are no other material which comes to close to canvas prints.

Hanging A Canvas Print
Hanging A Canvas Print

If you are hanging a canvas print, you will know that it is highly versatile. Moreover, it will improve your home décor to a great extent. Here are some ideas that will help you to hang canvas prints like never before.

Bedroom and Living Room

The bedroom and the living room are the most common locations when it comes to cheap55printing canvas. Nonetheless, you can try out something different. This means that you choose some other location for your canvas.  For example, you can hang a canvas print in your kid’s room. Moreover, you will be able to make a collage of your kid’s pictures that you have captured at different moments. Use need to make sure that the colors you have chosen complement the design and the photos.

Canvas Printing

You can cheap print the canvas and hang it the dining and kitchen area. Usually, these are not the first choice when it comes to your mind when you plan on hanging the prints. Nonetheless, the canvas prints can offer a classy look to the kitchen or the dining space. You have the option to cover the blank walls present in these areas. You can do so with the pictures of food or something related to it.

Unattended Parts of the House

When you think of hanging a canvas print, your primary choice is the expansive wall. But, if you want, you can small canvas print and use them to decorate your rooms. If there is a portion in the house which does not get much attention, you can hang a canvas. Print for cheap canvas look colorful and creative. This will surely help to brighten up the area. Moreover, it will offer a complete look to the home décor.


Keep in Mind that it not necessary to hang the canvas print inside the house. there are places outdoor where you will be able to hang the canvas. You need to choose a place that gets natural light. You can hang them in balconies or in between two floors in the staircase. This will create a unique look. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the canvas print is not exposed to sunlight for a longer period.

Other Uses

In case you do not want to hang the canvas, you also have the option to prop it up just like the framed picture. As a matter of fact, you can display gallery wrapped canvas on the bedside tables, shelves, and also dressers. Since canvas prints are lightweight, you will be able to add them to table or shelves.

When you are hanging a canvas print in your house, you need to keep certain things in mind. One of the most important things that you need to consider is the size. Do not get something too big or too small for the room. The canvas material should also be of good quality as this will help in ensuring its durability. Also, you need to make sure that the print you have selected goes well with the house décor. It should not appear out of place.

Flyer Design Basics | Flyer Printing

Common Mistakes with Flyer Design Basics

Flyer design basics are an easy way to get a word about your business, event, or a product. However, make sure you get them right. If you fail to design them in a proper manner, it will turn out to be useless. Flyers will help you to gather more customers for your business. This, in turn, will improve your business profit. As a matter of fact, it will also develop brand credibility.

Flyer Design Basics
Flyer Design Basics

However, certain pitfalls in the flyer design basics can keep you from making the most of the campaign. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid if you have to make the flyer effective. This way you will be able to save money and time.

Overloading with Information

The flyer will reach out to the customers through the letterbox and not simply through the laundry list. You should not make the mistake of including everything in one flyer. If the flyer contains excessive information, it will bore the audience. Thus, they will try to ignore it. In case you have more than one product and fulfill the demand of a wide customer base, you different flyers for each customer type.

Designing Without Purpose

Before you design the flyer and cheap print it, you have to decide what you want to achieve. If your flyer will have no goal, it fails to achieve any result. Thus, you should ask yourself certain questions before you create the flyer. These questions are,

  • Do you want the people to read the brochure and call you up?
  • Should they visit the store and buy the products?
  • Do you only want them to know about your products and services?

Not Knowing About the Target Market

In case you do not know the end user, it will be difficult for you to get the flyer design basics. Hence, you need to consider how to formulate the message that you want to convey. If you want an efficacious flyer, you need to make sure that you know the target audience. You should know the people will purchase the benefits instead of the products. Hence, make sure that it promotes the right benefits to the right audience.

Include Random Photos

You should not include photos in the flyers design ideas just for the sake of it. The photos must complement the flyers and the brand image. You should know that at times, a single photo is capable of conveying the right image. Thus, make sure that you choose the photos wisely. It should also be meaningful.

Being the Design and the Distribution Expert

There are some business owners who go for desktop publishing in order to save money on the flyers. However, you should know that it is always better to hire a professional. This way you will be able to get a good return on the investment. The professionals need to make sure that the flyer is presentable. Also, make sure that you hire a professional to distribute the flyers. Thus, you can be sure that the flyers will be distributed appropriate to the target audience.

Sending the Wrong Message

In case you have customer testimonials and not including the same in the flyer design basics, you are definitely making a mistake. The testimonials from happy customers will surely make your brochure more effective. This will be even better if you include the customer’s name, designation, and company. Collect the testimonials regularly and include them in the flyers while printing for cheap.

Your flyers from 55printing should be the brand ambassador for the business. This will help you to make a mark among the target audience. Thus, you will be able to make more profit in your business.