Amazing Tips to Print Photos on a Canvas

Amazing Tips to Print Photos on a Canvas

Do you want to print photos on canvas and give a new look to your home? Before you go ahead and choose a photo finish and gallery wrap, there are few things that you need to consider before your order. Here are some of the tips on canvas photo printing.

Printing Old Photographs

white blank canvas in an exhibition
white blank canvas in an exhibition

In case, you are planning on printing a photograph which is few years old then it is better to edit it at first. This way you will be able to ensure that the photo looks the best on the canvas. You can repair the photos which are already worn out and thereby remove under or over exposure and red eye. As a matter of fact, you can also resize them according to your requirement.

Use High Quality Photos

When you are selecting a photo for the canvas print, you should select the photos that have a higher resolution. This will prevent the photos from looking bad when it is enlarged. You should also avoid using blurry photos for the canvas print.

Select the Right Canvas Shape

When you are selecting the shape of your cheap canvas print, it is important to consider the positioning of the subject matter. Thereafter, you should choose the shape which will suit the subject in the picture. You should avoid using a square canvas if the photo has a full length person. If you want to print maximum portion of the person on the canvas then you need to opt for a rectangular canvas. If you have a panoramic or landscape photo, you can opt for an extra-long canvas.

Consider Where You are Going to Hang

It is always better to consider where you will be hanging the canvas before you order for the print. This is because there is no use ordering a large print if you only has small space available to you. It will also prove to be useful if you order for a small print when you have large space in your room. If you printing the canvas as a gift then you should take a look at the house of the recipient if there are too many wall hangings already.

Check the Color Scheme
For financial and practical reason, you should match the print of the cheap canvases. with the décor of the room instead of changing the furniture and décor to match the canvas. If you are getting it for your family or friends then you should get an artier looking canvas which will look good on any wall.
Use an Appropriate Image

There are a handful number of things which are more embarrassing than awkward family image and photo. This is the reason, you need to select a photograph which will look good. On the wall and that you will like seeing always.

Do not forget to preview the image before ordering the canvas art cheap. It will save you from flushing money down the drain. In case you are ordering for a gallery canvas wrap, you need to make sure that the photo doesn’t get cropped.


Ask These Questions before Hiring a Canvas Printing Service

Canvas Printing Service

canvas modern living room interior
canvas modern living room interior

Cheap canvas wall art printing has gained wide popularity in a number of industries. We found to have vast applications in the advertising, home décor, and the art industry. However, with the rise in the use of canvas prints several printing services have come up. So how do choose the right printing service to make sure that you get desirable results and your money doesn’t go to waste? The secret is in asking the right questions. Before you place your final printing order, there are some crucial questions that you can ask: Continue reading Ask These Questions before Hiring a Canvas Printing Service