3 Expert Tips to Maintain Affordable Canvas Prints

Affordable Canvas Prints

Canvas prints diverse and used for printing pretty much any canvas ideas. It used to print photographs taken by you, pictures of your family or pets, or ay private artwork. The best thing about canvases is that they are highly durable and can last up to decades with some basic care and maintenance. This said, remember that not all cheap canvas materials the same and some might of better quality than the rest. Therefore before hiring a canvas printing service, make sure that they use only the best quality materials.

Given below are some tips to care for your canvas. Maintain its new look for a long period of time:

Keep Away From Dust and Sunlight

Print on canvas can damaged or dirty easily with prolonged exposure to dust and sunlight. Unlike a glass frame, canvas made of cloth and has tiny holes on the surface. Where the dust can accumulated, thus making the canvas look dusty and dirty. Additionally, sunlight can damage the look of them cloth if its exposed to the sun regularly for a long period of time. This is why it is recommended to display a canvas in the interior walls of a room instead of directly in front of a door or window. Also, avoid putting it in the bathroom or near the oven as the temperature and moisture around these places keeps changing.

Keep Away From Water

The lacquer coating of the canvas makes it waterproof and resistant to damage by water. However, too much moisture cannot considered good for it. This is why you must limit the exposure of the canvas to moisture and wetness as much as possible. If the water spilled on the picture canvas, dry it immediately by dabbing it lightly with a clean cotton cloth. Make sure that you do this as soon as you notice the spill because if the water is absorbed by the canvas it might cause damage.

Remove Stains Immediately

A stain on your canvas print not like a stain on the glass frame of photo paper print. This happens because a stain on a glass frame will usually not settle in a few hours and easily removed after a few days as well. However, stains on canvas can easily settle and thus must be removed as soon as possible. Just use a damp, not wet, cloth to gently dab on the surface. After you done, remember to soak any moisture that became left on the canvas with a dry cloth.

Lastly, even if you receive a huge canvas discount, make sure that the material. You being provided is of great quality as this largely determines the durability. A major part of taking care of a canvas print involves dabbing it with a damp or dry cloth. However, make sure that you don’t rub it roughly as this can cause damages to the print.