What Are the Advantages of Advertising with Canvas?

Advertising with Canvas

The world of advertising is ever changing. There are several advertising and marketing methods that come and go. However, one method of effective advertising that seems to be here to stay is print advertising. Print advertising is possibly the oldest form of advertising products and services which still has a strong hold. Even in the digital world, print advertising becomes considered to one of the most effective ways to market a product or service.

In this article, there will a detailed discussion of the benefits of print ads, especially print picture on canvas advertisements. Canvas is a material made from fabric that is available in 10o% cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton blended variants. Here are some of the benefits of advertising with canvas:

Its Immense Durability

One of the most important reasons why canvas is considered to be an effective material for advertising is that it is durable. It used outdoors as well as indoors. When it comes to indoor advertising, canvas photo printing is often used at conventions, trade shows, and conferences. But, most commonly, these are used outdoors and here is where most of their benefits lie. Canvas is printed on high-quality and durable fabric which is then coated with a clear roll-on lacquer. This makes the material strong and resistant to damage from dust and UV radiation. This prevents the canvas from getting discolored and dusty. It left up as long as the advertisers want.

The durability of the canvas helps in advertising better as repetition is the key here. By leaving it up for as long it is possible, the advertisers ensure that the maximum number of people see it.

canvas easel for artist. tripod for painting with empty canvas.
canvas easel for artist. tripod for painting with empty canvas.

It Is Portable

Despite printed in large sizes, canvases light weight and thus portable easily. These transported from one location to another without must difficulty. If you have concerns over transporting a huge mounted up best canvas print between two locations, there is something you can easily do. Just ask the printer to print a rolled up canvas for you instead of a stretched one. In this way you easily transport the rolled up and it stretched and mounted when you reach the location.

It Grabs Attention

The rich and vibrant quality of the custom canvas print is primarily what makes it an ideal option for advertising. The colors on canvas are brighter than on any other material as the ink doesn’t rest on the surface of the canvas but absorbed deep into the fibers. This makes the print stand out and grabs the attention of the public. If this feature of canvas printer combined with great design, it result in a stunning advertisement which is sure  noticed by everyone.

Lastly, canvas offers a three dimensional effect to the print due to its wrapped canvas technique. Unlike other printed projects, canvas not exactly framed but wrapped over the frame. This makes the edges a continuation of the picture in the front and gives it an attractive three dimensional quality.

Turn Photos into Artwork with Canvas Photo Prints

Nowadays, many people are aware of canvas prints which have emerged as a great piece of artwork that used for a decorating a home or an office wall or any blank spaces.  Decorating a space with this wall décor items can help to provide a touch of personality to the working place or the homes.

With cheap canvas prints online options available, you can easily decorate the walls with high-quality canvas photos. Choose from the stock photos that readily available with the commercial printing companies or for your favorite photo it printed on a 100% cotton canvas. The photos can help to brighten up any space. In fact, the canvas photos easily customized with any kind of themes or motifs that can match the tone of the room.

Knowing Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is basically a form of printing that allows an image to printed onto the canvas. The prints also known by other names like canvas art.

Advantage Over Traditional Form

Over the traditional form of printings that are available, the canvas prints offer numerous advantages. They are:

  • Canvases have a textured surface that makes the paintings look more evocative and realistic. In fact, sometimes the pictures look like original paintings.
  • A canvas is more durable than the photo paper. The images that usually printed on the canvas are not vulnerable to moisture, dust. They don’t warp easily. The most important feature is that they can’t easily fade.
  • By printing photos on a canvas, you can easily opt to divide one photo between several canvases so that it can make up a whole picture when you are hanging it. For example, you can easily go for 3 piece canvas wall art in order to display a flower in continuation in 3 different canvases.

Various Dimensions

Canvas printing done on a variety of canvas dimensions. For example, you can go for 8×8 dimension for your canvas prints. Or, you can also go for slightly larger formats like 20×30 canvas prints. Printing companies can easily print small canvas prints or large custom canvas prints based on the need of the customers.

Things to Consider

In order to get a photo printed onto a canvas, the first most important thing that you will need to do is to narrow down a photo of your choice. After you finalize an image you can easily send it to the printing company who can easily print it on canvas. By hiring a professional you can stay assured of the fact of getting a professional quality photo on the canvas. Care should taken to provide a 2inch border around the print so that a room left for stretching and mounting the prints on the canvas.

For decorating the walls of a room Giclee canvas prints are an ideal option. This printing allows you to get fine art prints by taking the help of ink-jet printing technology. Printing technology allows the final product to look stunning. This printing not only affordable, but it easily customized to suit the personal taste of the people.

Thus, care should taken to ensure you receive good quality canvas prints that hanged on the walls so that it can enhance the beauty of the place.