Benefits and Drawbacks of Mounted Canvas

When it comes to New York canvas wall art, chances are that you will spoilt for choice. There are so many materials, textures, and sizes to choose from that you are likely to overwhelmed. When dealing with canvas prints, you will required to make several decisions. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is another important decision that you will asked to make after the canvas has printed. This is in regard to framing of the canvas prints.

Once the high quality canvas prints have been printed, it is coated with a lacquer laminate that protects it from getting damaged. Now, you can order a rolled, stretched or mounted canvas. But it is important to aware of what exactly you are choosing before placing your final order.

A Mounted Canvas?

Once the lacquer has dried on the canvas print, it stretched over frame. If you want no framing at all, you order a rolled canvas and it will delivered to you simply as a roll. However, if you want the canvas to mounted on a frame, you can choose between stretch frame and a gallery wrap.

In a stretch canvas, the material simply stretched over the frame and stapled to its sides. The entire picture is visible from the picture. However, in a gallery wrap, the canvas print is wrapped around the canvas in a way that the frame is completely hidden. The sides of the print are a continuation of the picture itself.

Benefits of a Mounted Canvas

Given below are some major benefits why mounted canvas has recently gained wide popularity:

  • The mounted canvas elevates the overall look of putting pictures on canvas and gives it a professional and high-end appearance. This cannot achieved unless a canvas is mounted by a professional.
  • This gives a three-dimensional look to the canvas and makes it look better than a flat print hanging from the wall. It attracts the onlooker into the print and the composition and gives a life-like quality to the images.
  • A mounted simple canvas art easy to hang and no frames have to added to it. This makes it less bulky and safe to hang even in high-traffic corridors. It is because of this reason that art galleries prefer mounted canvas prints which can hung on wall and kept on a surface without much effort.

Drawbacks of Mounted Canvas

Despite its popularity and benefits, mounting a canvas also has some disadvantages:

white blank canvas in an exhibition
white blank canvas in an exhibition
  • The added frame makes it impossible to fold the canvas without damaging it and thus poses problems with portability.
  • Once the canvas has mounted no changes can made to it which is a problem for some who may want to give it a different look later on.
  • The mounting of the canvas takes time then not preferred for fast canvas prints. It may even cost extra if it to done properly.

Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision whether to your canvas mounted or not.