Best Practices That Needs to Be Followed for Cheap Canvas Prints

Cheap Canvas Prints

Canvas photo printing has become very popular over the last few decades. Now you will see many printing companies popping up around the world who are allowing high-quality photos to become printed onto a canvas.

With the advent of technology like high-quality printers, the visual arts printing industry was down by storm. The printing companies are now capable of providing large canvas photo prints, apart from the usual canvas sizes that they used to print like the 8 by 8-inches or the 11×14 canvas print, and so on.


People started to love this form of printing technology as it allowed them to print photos on the canvas very easy. Along with that, the prints offered on the canvas looked exactly like the original photos.

Some of the best practices that are related to canvas photo prints are as follows:

  1. The canvas that is used for printing must be of cotton or of a poly-cotton blend. By printing on cotton canvas will allow the ink to easily penetrate into the fabric. On the other hand, printing on polyester canvas allows the prints to be less affected by environmental conditions like it expansion or contraction.
  2. The elasticity factor of the canvas allows it to stretch. So, it can easily stretched and mounted on a canvas.

If you are planning to stretch and mount a black and white canvas prints yourself

Make sure of the fact that the stretcher bars you but from the local supply store are of the right size. This can help you to easily insert the mounted canvas within the back of the frame. Also, by selecting a right size will help you to ensure that the sides of the prints are not visible.

  1. Canvas being a fabric has a tendency to shrink, especially when it comes in contact with water or any liquid. So make sure you print your picture on a slightly bigger size canvas if it’s going to decorative borders on it. As after the canvas printed and coated it will have a tendency to shrink.
  2. It important to keep the images subject or focal matter away from the edges. This because when you are stretching and mounting a canvas, a small fraction of an image will be wrapped. Around the sides even if you decide to go for gallery wrapped canvas prints. It done mainly because the edges are rounded and the canvas also stretches a little bit. Thus, care should be taken so that the important elements of the picture are not placed around the edge.
  3. Make sure to coat your canvas prints so that it can resist scratch marks or dust. In other words, it can be said that coating can help to avoid any grime or scratch marks to settle on the beautiful art work. The coat also helps to protect the prints against fading.
  4. It is important to keep the wall canvas prints away from heat and humid places. As the canvases can’t withstand heat, the prints may develop a tear.

By following the aforementioned practices you can easily make your beautiful canvas prints long lasting one.

Factors Related To Printing Pictures on a Canvas

Are you planning to print pictures on to canvas in sepia, black and white, or in full color? Well, it’s a very good concept and you can do that very easily with the help of canvas printing. Of late, more number of professional photographers is now making use of this printing process as it can provide them.

high-quality prints and also the prints looks like the original paintings.

Long ago, when there were no digital cameras and smartphones. Then people used to hire artists in order to have their own portrait or of their beloved drawn on the canvas. Painting a portrait was not only a costly affair but was also a time-consuming thing. But with the advent of digital printing technology, digital photos easily printed on a canvas. Canvas regarded as the best platform through which the photos given a much fresher look.

In fact, printing the pictures on canvas regarded as one of the best things by which one easily preserve the pictures and also cherish the moments. The photos printed on canvas used to decorate offices, homes, or any open spaces like blank walls.

Choice of Photos

It is one of the vital steps when you are considering turning the pictures on to a canvas. The subject of the artwork on the canvas is very important. It is the main focal point which must be pleasant to the eye of the viewers. It is important to use high resolution images for small canvas prints and as the canvas size increases the resolution starts to decrease.

Choice of Canvas

The pictures can easily printed on museum quality textured canvas or in any high-quality cotton canvas that can provide a great piece of long lasting artwork. The other kind of canvas that is available is the polyester. The cotton canvas is ideal as it can easily absorb the ink and can provide a glossy texture; whereas the ink only sits on the top of the polyester fabric. However, the cotton canvases are a bit costly than the polyester. The appearance of the pictures or photos on the cotton canvas looks like original one. So, when you see the final product you will not be able to differentiate between the original and the canvas prints. They are stylish and also a stunning piece of artwork.

Various Printing Companies

The huge demand of photos on canvas has lead to the mushrooming of many photo printing companies who are providing remarkable canvas printing services for the customers. They usually print pictures on two different types of canvases like cotton and polyester canvases. Many galleries and museums try to go for 100% cotton canvas. The pictures printed with UV proof pigment inks. These inks are helpful as they made fade and heat resistant.

Choice of Frames

Canvases can hanged as it is. But frames available for stretched canvases or gallery wrapped canvas prints.

Thus, by taking the help of a professional printing company you easily pictures printed on a canvas. Which not only beautiful to look at but is also durable.