Some Canvas Printing Facts That You Must Know About

With the growth in the number of canvas program ordered by the people. It can assumed that every other person wants to give it a try. However, canvas printing is not as easy as printing on paper and there are some facts that have to be known by canvas owners.

The Giclee Canvas Printing Method

Although canvas prints have gain wide popularity for a number of reasons,  many who still not aware of the basic procedure through which a canvas printed. One of the newly introduced and the most popular methods of canvas picture printing is the giclee method. This produces rich, crisp, and vibrant images which are a vast improvement from the old canvas printing techniques. In this method, high resolution printers used which spray the printing ink directly onto the printable canvas surface. This gives a great clarity to the images and gives them an attractive, life-like quality.

The Material Go Through Some Changes

The material of the canvas made up of cloth fibers. Thus affected by changes in temperature and humidity. After you have the canvas 16×20 print for some time, you might notice a slight shrinkage that might take place with changing temperature and atmospheric moisture. Professionals must keep in mind that there have many instances of canvas material shrinking with the application of a laminate known as lacquer which is used in a liquid form. This shrinking must be considered by customers when submitting. Pictures and by the design team when borders and margins added.

The Canvas Might Lose Its Tautness

Aware that canvas material stretched and mounted after the lacquer dried for hanging canvas art. This stretching has to finish well to make sure that the material maintains its tautness for a long period of time.

However, its inevitable that the material might loosen up with time, even if its kept in the storage all along. If you see that the canvas material has loosened a little, there is no cause to worry. All you have to do is spray the back of the canvas with a spray which is available for this specific purpose. If you do not have the spray at the moment. Spraying the back with a little bit of clean water may also do the trick. Just make sure that you don’t moisten it too much.

You Can Paint Over

Although better if a fresh coat of paint applied to a rolled canvas. It is possible to paint over canvas prints. You can add new images or texts through paint and also paint. Over the entire thing and reuse it for transferring photos to canvas. Although, it is highly unlikely that a printer will print over a painted canvas. You can certainly use it for hand drawn art.

Therefore, before you order your first canvas print, make sure that you have enough. Knowledge about the changes that can appear on the material and ways to maintain it.