This Is Why Canvas Prints Are Being Preferred Over Photo Paper

Canvas Prints Over Photos

There was a time when not just a majority but all of the printing projects printed on paper. Paper, both matte and glossy photo print back then considered like the ideal printing surface. While this was true to a large extent due to the lack of alternatives, the times have changed now. With advancements in printing techniques, it has now become possible to print on surfaces such as canvas US. This has brought about vast changes, not just in the printing industry but the way individuals are using pictures for home decoration.

Earlier, photo paper was the surface on which almost all family portraits, holiday pictures, photographs etc. printed and displayed. Nowadays, paper is receiving tough competition from NYC canvas art due to a lot of reasons. In order to better understand the rising popularity of canvas prints, the following reasons can listed:

Enhanced Durability

canvas modern living room interior
canvas modern living room interior

When someone prints a picture on canvas, their intention is to preserve a cherished memory and reminiscence those past times whenever they want. Why the durability of the surface on which the photo printed  of immense importance. Custom canvas printing are much more durable than photos printed on paper. This why canvas considered as the ideal surface for printing treasured memories. While pictures printed on canvas last decades with the right care and maintenance, those on paper start fading or getting discolored after just a few years.

Unique Texture

The texture of the photo paper is glossy and become too common nowadays. In fact, a majority of the pictures printed on paper printed on glossy photo paper. On the other hand, canvas surfaces are available in a number of unique textures. This gives a beautiful oil painting look to the printed picture. You can also choose textures like matte, satin, and metallic, each of which gives a unique look to the canvas New York.

No Size Barrier

With improvements in technology, it is possible to print pictures on canvas in various sizes. Canvas printers offer a range of different sizes without compromising the quality of the print. To make sure that the printed canvas picture looks good in any size, select one that has a high resolution and a high count of pixels per inch. Canvas pictures can printed in large sizes and give greater quality that is possible on any type of paper.

Distinct Look

One of the greatest things about canvas printing Los Angeles, that its not used widely yet and thus stands out. The look of canvas prints is distinct from any other printable surface. In fact, it is impossible to walk past a great canvas print without taking notice of it. Therefore, when used in interior décor, it gives homes a unique and unconventional look.

As you can see, the reasons for the rising popularity of canvas prints are hardly surprising. If you want to give your home or office an artistic makeover, give a serious thought to canvas prints.