Cheap Canvas Quality Prints and Its Pros and Cons

Cheap Canvas Quality Prints

The concept of i canvas printing has become one of the most popular printing methods over the last few years. This popularity mostly attributed to freedom related to the choice of size and its comparative cost-effectiveness.  When compared to the cost and quality of other traditional photographic media, canvas printing emerges as the preferred choice.

Also light in weight, easily hanged anywhere as long as there is enough space, and doesn’t require framing. The process of stretching and mounting far easier and uncomplicated. You can jump to the finished product within a few days of you placing the printing order.

What Is the Difference between Canvas and Photographic Printing?

Although the concept of printing is similar for both, there are some basic differences that set the two apart. Firstly, canvas design made of cloth fibers while photo prints done on paper which made from pulp. Because of this difference, some distinction seen in how the ink takes to the material. In photo paper prints, the lies on top of the material mostly while the canvas absorbs and soaks most of the printing ink. This brings a wide difference in the end result of both.

Unlike photographic print, groupon canvas on demand tends to do away with sharp, finer details of the picture, thus giving it a beautiful oil painting effect. Additionally, photographic paper prints can only expected to last a few years before it starts losing its new look and quality. On the other hand, canvas lasts for a decades before showing any signs of cracking ink and discoloration.

How to Ensure That Canvas Lasts Longer?

For the printing projects that need highest quality, printing services use museum-quality 8×10 canvas that relied on not to crack, yellow, or curl. This preserves the longevity of the print.

As a canvas not framed with traditional glass protectors like photographic printed images. If the paper becomes coated with a transparent coat of lacquer. Although this not visible to the naked eye, it protects the picture from getting destroyed due to moisture and UV radiation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Canvas Printing

Therefore, as you then see you find a number of primary differences between photo printed pictures and those printed on canvas. Let’s discuss some pros and cons of buying your picture printed on canvas. One of the many reasons why 11×14 canvas.

Its a preferred printing option is that it gives an arty look to the picture that photo paper just cannot muster. This makes canvas prints stand out and makes it hard not to notice. It gives a modern look to any home décor and has a sophisticated, high-end art quality to it. It also weighs significantly less than framed pictures.

On the other hand, canvas pictures have carefully chosen as not all pictures will work well with the print. Also, once the picture goes for printing on canvas some of its sharpness is lost. However, the pros of canvas printing far outweigh its cons.