The Cause behind the Popularity of Low Cost Canvas Printing

Low Cost Canvas Printing

Even a few years back, the very mention of printing brought to us ideas. The plan consist of an image or a photo printed on a flat paper-like stock photo paper. These either provided a glossy or a matte finish. But with technological advancement, the printing technology has gone through a huge improvement. Now, one can print images on any kind of surfaces like canvases.

Printing picture on a canvas is basically a new phenomenon that allows you to print digital images on the canvases or transfer any portraits on the canvases. The only difference that it carries from the prints on stock paper  that the canvas made up of cloth fibers which easily absorb the ink and the print looks stunning. Apart from that canvases are less vulnerable to wear and tear. Thus it will not get destroyed with time which was a common phenomenon with photo paper prints.

canvas modern living room interior
canvas modern living room interior

Popularity of the canvas printing

The immense popularity of the canvas printing technology has lead to the rise of numerous canvas printing services company who are providing high-quality gallery wrapped canvas prints to canvas print collages, and many other forms of canvas printing services for the customers.

The fine prints that you get to have on the canvases are making the people make a switch from traditional photo paper prints to cheap custom canvas prints. The other reasons which are making canvas printing popular over the photo prints are:

Hang Anywhere You Like

Unlike the paper prints which were needed to be framed with glass or needed to be placed inside the photo albums, the canvas photos don’t have to be framed with glass. It hanged on the blank walls of the room just like that. After framed with hard canvas wood if the customer wants. The absence of the glass frames makes it possible to hanged anywhere like inside the children’s room, inside the kitchen or in the bathroom also.

Longevity Matters

The most important reason why people are so crazy about canvas prints groupon and deals on canvas prints is that no other form of artwork can assure you to last for a longer period like the canvas prints does. The lacquer coating on the final canvas prints make the prints long lasting and also make them remain protected from dust and any weather conditions. As it can last long, it can be easily passed as a family heirloom. The lacquer coating ensures the inks gets absorbed deep into the canvas and the print does not get torn.

Cheap Canvas Versatility

In case you have got bored by seeing the same square art prints, you can try out many other canvas dimensions. You can go for large custom canvas prints or 4 piece canvas art. In fact, you easily create any type of motifs printed on the canvases.

Finally, if you love simple form of wall décor then you will love canvas art for your home décor. You can easily choose canvas prints with light or bright hues on them. Hanging it on the blank walls can easily drive the attention of the people to it, especially when it complements the home décor.

Things to Do When the Canvas Print Loosens

Canvas print regarded as a beautiful piece of artwork that can used for decorating the homes and offices. When hung on the walls this beautiful piece of artwork can look amazing even when it’s framed or without a frame. But one thing which really sucks about the canvas art is the sagging of it. This is because the canvas materials have a tendency to get slump and loosen over time, which is often a thing of concern among the people as well as the printing companies.

Its a known fact that the canvas prints professionally stretched around a wooden stretcher bar. Stretching helps the canvases to remain firm and tight for a long period of time. But, sometimes when the photo to canvas prints exposed to climatic changes like the cold weather, humidity, etc, there remains a chance that the canvas artwork goes loose from around the stretcher bars. This creates the prints to get sag.

In this blog, we would provide you with some tips that would help you to deal with sagging and keep the canvas arts as firm as when you got it printed or bought it from the store.

Solutions to Deal with After Printing

  • Water Treatment: If the picture canvases start to loosen slightly, an easy way to tighten the canvas print is to spray distilled water from a spray bottle on the back of the canvas print. This helps in dampening the canvas and after it goes dry the canvas will automatically tightened.

During this process, you must be careful in not using too much of water as it would drench the back side of the print. Within hours of spraying distilled water, the sag disappears and the art print gets back in god shape.

  • Printed Canvas Re-stretch

In case, the above process does not work for you, then you can consider for re-stretching the canvas art.  For this process, you will have to remove the staples from the sides of the stretcher bars. With the help of the canvas pliers, you can make the cheap canvas print firm, and then replace the staples. You can re-stretch yourself or take the help of the canvas shop that provides re-stretching services at an affordable rate.

Other Printing Processes

Apart from the aforementioned tips, we would be glad to provide you with a simple guide. That followed during the canvas stretching process in order to avoid canvas sag.

It is important to staple a clean line on the longest side. Then move on to the opposite side to staple another clean line. This process helps in spreading the tension evenly. For example, in 24×36 canvas prints  you can start stapling from the largest side i.e. 36”, and then move on to the opposite 36” side and not around the edge of the canvas print frames. Also, adding a single bar during the framing can help to avoid. Sag after the frame becomes fully wrapped and stapled.

Hence, by following the above prints you can easily tighten the canvas prints and avoid it from sagging.