Why Choose Canvas Printing Over Traditional Printed Photographs

Printed Photographs


Photographs are one of the marvels of the modern world that possess a modern technique as well as display an old world charm. Since the beginning of human life, man has had an insatiable urge to document things and preserve the memory of moments seen and experienced. The ancient caves paintings, writings on the seal, and the oil and watercolor paintings of the later centuries stand witness to this human characteristic.


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This human urge was given a subsequent boost with the advent of black and white photographs, and later with the ease of taking a digital picture with just a click. Nowadays, people generally store pictures on memory cards instead of printing them on photo print paper. However, the art of printing picture on photo paper is not yet dead as people use it print pictures of their loved ones and decorate walls and personal spaces like office cubicles.


If you want a generic picture to serve the purpose, a traditional photo paper photograph might suffice. But, if you want a picture that will not just cover but adorn your walls and catch the attention of everyone who walks through your door, you must shift your attention to photos on canvas deals. Here are some advantages of choosing canvas instead of photo paper:

Ease of Editing

It is no secret that you want a picture with your loved ones to look perfect and without any blemishes. Sometimes, this requires editing the picture to enhance quality, remove red-eye, adjust the lighting, or just increasing the sharpness. When you print a photo on canvas, you can expect to get these edits done easily and in no time. You can enhance the quality of the picture in any way you want and it will come out looking exactly as you expected. You can also ask your printing service for a preview before printing the final picture.

It is Durable

As mentioned above, it is the clear coating that makes the 12×12 canvas print durable. When compared to the life of a photo print paper. Canvas rises as the clear winner as it takes decades to even “start” fading. On the other hand, photo print maintains its new look only for a few years.

They Weigh Less

Quick canvas prints weigh a lot less than a traditional photo paper print as it is not essential to add a glass frame to the canvas. After the ink used to print on the canvas. It sealed against damages by a clear coating, usually using lacquer. This makes sure that the ink doesn’t peel off and also prevents the 30×30 canvas from fading. It is this coating that keeps the canvas print intact for years at a time.

However, no such protective coating on photo print paper. A glass frame required to keep it from getting damages, making it quite heavy. The glass might also be a health hazard as it can shatter easily. This is why it is also the safer option. You can easily hang it in high traffic areas and children’s rooms without a worry.