How to Choose the Right Canvas Printing Service?

Canvas Printing Service

With the easy availability of the digital printing technology nowadays, a number of printing services have popped up on every street. These offer high quality print and promise to turn your portraits or photographs into works of art. However, not all printers can do what they promise. You might be lured into placing your order with a particular service that promises to provide you high quality photography. Canvas print at extremely low rates, but the final product might turn out to be undesirable. If you are looking to get a canvas print done and are looking for the right service, follow the guide given below to make sure that you hire the right printer:

Ask the Right Questions About Canvas Printing Service Quality


The most foolproof way to make sure that you choose the right printing service is to ask the right questions about their service before placing your final order. Here are some things that you can ask:

  • The very first thing that you must inquire about is the quality. Find a detailed description about the quality. Canvas material they use and ask to see it in person. If the material itself is of low-quality, the ink will not take to it well and the lifespan of the printed canvas. Pictures cheap becomes drastically reduced. You must be aware of the different variants of canvas materials that are available in the market such as 100% cotton blend, polyester, and cotton-poly blend.
  • Secondly, ask the printers about the kind of ink that they use for their projects. The quality of ink is as important as the quality of the canvas material. If the ink is of poor quality it might not take to the hanging canvas. Well and end up looking botched and blurry. Low-quality ink might also bleed into the surrounding space and make the entire canvas look of poor quality.

Asking these questions before placing your order will make sure that final product presented to you is of best quality. The better the quality of the materials used, better will be the durability of the canvas print.

Ask About the Canvas Printing Service Pricing

Not to say that honest and customer-caring printing services are non-existent. There are a number of printers who advertise low rates only to raise it up later. You might choose a service solely based on their low base rates but later realize that that was not what they ever intended to charge. Before you place your order, ask about the additional designing or framing cost if any. Usually, all these are included in one 16 20 canvas printing package and you don’t have to pay for them separately. Get a price quote and make sure that the printers stick to it.

However, don’t go by pricing alone. It might be tempting to automatically choose the service offering the lowest rates but this might not be a wise choice always. Think about why they are offering such comparatively low rates. Other printers and make sure it’s not because they will compromise on quality.