Choose From Various Canvas Materials, Wraps, and Arrangements

In interior decoration, the availability of choices plays a very important role. No designer or home owner would want their home decoration to have a conventional look. This is why the more the number of choice a home décor technique offers, more is its popularity. This has made icanvas art prints very popular and it is currently used by home decorators all over the world. Given below are some broad choices that canvas prints offer in materials, wraps, and arrangements.

Different Types of Printable Canvas Materials

Although all different types of canvas materials known as the same name, they are available in several variations. As you must know, canvas made up of cloth fibers. However, the same fibers not used to make all types of canvas materials. The most natural and expensive of all canvas materials is the 100% cotton variant. This gives a distinct and traditional quality to the print and makes it stand out. However as it is made from natural fibers, the color of the 100% canvas print may vary from one roll to another. This type of canvas is famous for its durability and high-end look.

Another popular canvas type is the one made from 100% polyester fibers. Although this is not as durable as cotton canvases, it is extremely cheap and provides a consistent color and look to the prints. This is why polyester canvases preferred for cheap canvas photo prints and bulk projects that require a uniform look. Recently, it is the cotton poly blend which considered the best option for a majority of printing projects.

Types of Canvas Arrangements

Canvas prints no longer just printed in square and rectangular shapes. Interior designers have introduced new arrangements and methods of display like collages and arrangements to form shapes like 4 piece canvas art. In this, smaller canvas prints organized on the walls in strategic position just like a jigsaw puzzle. Although you choose any pictures displayed together, it recommended that the arrangement made in such a way that tells a story. This can put a whole new spin on the canvas art.

Variations in Wraps and Mounts

After the canvas printed, it coated with a lacquer solution to protect the material and keep the ink from scraped off. After this, the canvas is stretched and mounted. If you don’t want any kind of frame on your canvas, you can opt for a rolled print. This is just a rolled printed canvas which is ready as soon as the lacquer dries. You also choose a stretched canvas art which stretched over a wooden frame and stapled to the sides. The entire picture seen from the front when a stretch frame used.

You can also your dog canvas art mounted. In this frame, the canvas wrapped around a frame after printing till the frame no longer visible and the edges of the canvas made of the edges of the picture itself.