Different Options Available For Stretching the Canvas Prints

Stretching the Canvas Prints

Have you planned to print a beautiful picture or any image on to a canvas? So, before you move on to paint an image on a canvas. Its very important to stretch the canvas so that it can hold the paint properly.

canvas floor standing two frames in interior
canvas floor standing two frames in interior

If you know the art of stretching your canvas, then you can easily save a lot of money. But, if you are novice you don’t need to worry. You can take the help of a professional printing company for stretching your canvas photo prints. But first of all, you need to learn about the different options available.

Three basic options are available for the people that will allow them to stretch the canvas prints very easily. These techniques are applicable for many situations like when you are printing a photo on a canvas or a canvas transfer of an original image.

Canvas or a canvas transfer

Technological advancement has now made it possible for the people and the printing company to come up with a form of artwork that is basically an amalgamation of photos and canvas.

With stretched canvas prints, one now have the option for getting their favorite images printed and displayed on a canvas. The canvas paintings then use as a decorative piece of art or it used as a gift item.

Stretched canvas prints mostly preferred by the customers over cheaper stretcher as it ensures the paintings won’t be damaged. In fact, with stretched prints, the images are far more than perfect and also look very bright. They are also less vulnerable to dust. Over rolled canvas prints, the stretched canvas prints offer various canvas sizes and dimension for the canvases.

Various cheap canvas sizes

  • One of the first methods of wrapping a canvas is the ‘Standard Wrap’ In this method, the canvas stretched by keeping the image on the front portion and not on the sides. In this method, the staples usually done on the sides.
  • The second method is the ‘Museum Wrap’. In this method, the images are shown on the front and it also reaches up to the edges. This method allows the plain white canvas is seen from the sides. The staples usually on the back and it is not seen. The sides painted with any colors that compliment the artwork.
  • The third method is the Gallery Wrapped Canvas. In this method, the images are stretched on the sides of the stretcher frame. The staples usually made on the back of the canvas. In this method, the images taken right up to the back edge of the sides. This helps to display the images on the sides also.
Tips for Hanging Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints

People who love landscapes or greenery can go for gallery wrap as it allows the image used in the form of a mere continuation up to the edges. The images easily hanged by taking the help of a stretcher frame.

Unframed canvases hanged easily against a blank wall with the help of nails fitted into the walls. But care should taken to hang them 56” above from the ground.

Things to Consider For Canvas Printing
  1. Its a known fact that canvas photo printing has become immensely popular among the interior decoration industry. People simply love this piece of work as it allows them to easily transfer the digital photographs into a great piece of artwork on a canvas.
  2. Canvas paintings are becoming an integral part of home décor items. This work of art is used for extensively for decorating the blank walls of a home, restaurants, offices, and many other places. However, it becomes hard for the people to decide which print is right for a place or what you can get from this printing technology.
  3. In this blog, we will help you to understand about the canvas printing technology and why it’s the best option always.
  4. First of all, you must know: ‘What is a canvas print?’ Well, canvas print is a technique that allows printing an image onto a canvas. The paintings created in such a way so that it can easily reproduce the original painting. The prints made on any size of a canvas like square canvas prints or rectangular prints. After the printing done on the canvas they usually stretched on wooden frames but it also mounted on wooden frames.
Arranging Canvas Prints

Before placing an order canvas prints online, you will have to decide on how many images you want to print and how you want it displayed. You can easily view a wide number of options for the layout designs and also canvas sizes that meet your demand.

For example, if you want to go for a 16×20 canvas size or 11 x14 canvas size or 8×8 canvas prints you can easily get these options from a leading canvas photo printing company.

Possible Print Themes

With so many print themes available that  easily used for the canvases. For example, you can go for landscape images or pictures of animals. Many people prefer to go for floral prints which are very classy to look at.

  • Landscapes: The neutral color tones make them a perfect piece used for decorating either homes or offices. They are very inspirational and can help to lift the mood very easily. For many landscape scenes, 4 piece canvas art used to portray a single picture.
  • Animals: Canvases depicting animals used to decorate the kid’s room. Different size of canvases can used for this.
  • Abstract: Abstract prints have become very popular of late. They not only look stylish but can also help to enhance the beauty of a room.
  • Vintage and Retro: In case, if your room becomes decorated in a vintage style, adding a vintage theme for the canvas photos an ideal option as it help to provide a complete look to the room.
  • Famous Paintings: You can easily reproduce the famous paintings of renowned artists on canvases at half the cost of the real painting. The printing quality is very good as it looks like the original painting.

There are many printing companies who are now providing canvas photo prints option for the customers. But before hiring them you must make sure they become reputable one so that you can receive a high-quality photo printed on the canvases.