Door Hangers Custom

Door Hangers Custom

Benefits of Printing Door Hangers Custom

You might feel that door hangers custom is an outdated form of printing but it is not. It is the most effective marketing tool. When you think of promoting your business, door hangers are not the first tool that comes to your mind. However, this marketing method is pretty effective and cheap.

Door Hangers Custom
Door Hangers Custom

If you overlook door hangers custom as a marketing tool, you will make a huge mistake. It continues proving its worth through the ample benefits they offers. Some of these benefits are,

Guaranteed Communication with the Customers

The customers will come across your door hangers for sure. This is because when it comes to the door hangers custom, the customers will have to remove it from the door physically. The recipient might bring it inside to read it. Moreover, the rest of the neighborhood can also check out the message when they pass by the house. Thus, they will notice the door hangers hanging from the door. If you use this promotional tool, it will ensure your visibility and will help you to communicate with the target audience.

Creates Brand Name

When you use door hangers for your business, your prospective customers will know that you are in the area. Hence, they will add your name to their memory. In case people need the service you offer, they might consider you. People usually like working with companies which they are familiar with. This is an amazing benefit for smaller or local businesses.

Cheap Marketing Method

You will be surprised to know that door hangers from, you will have to spend only a fraction of what you have to pay for radio or television ad. Moreover, door hangers are pretty effective if you have to increase the customer base. This is because it will surely reach out to the audience. When you plan the marketing budget, the door hangers can be great way to gain food results at a cheap price.

Offers Fresh and Relevant Information

If you want to keep your customers up-to-date with the sales, you can print for cheap door hangers. Even if they do not use the product or service immediately, they can keep the information for future reference. As a matter of fact, you will be able to reinforce your brand For example, if you provide an annual or seasonal service, you can remind them that it’s time to avail their service.


Door hangers are simple but effective. You will not need any envelope if you use door hangers for your promotion. Moreover, you do not even have to post or bind them. You can distribute them door to door once you print them. The die cut hook makes it easier to distribute.

Tips to Print Door Hangers

When you decide to print door hangers for promoting your business, here are some tips that you need to follow.

  • The first things that the customers will do are take a look at it. Hence, you need to make a robust impression in a split second. Make sure that you have creative designs for your door hangers.
  • Do not forget to print at the back portion of the door hangers. This will help you to elaborate the message. Keep bullet points, maps, and directions. If you want you can also include discount coupons and offers on the door hangers.
  • Choose a good quality paper for printing the door hangers. Keep in mind that it is a direct reflection of your company. It will help you to create a good impression on the customers. Hence, check if the printing company uses good quality paper.