The Emergence of Cheap Canvas Prints and Its Benefits

Cheap Canvas Prints

Paintings and other hand-drawn pictures and sketches have traditionally done on cotton cloth. You can find such traditional forms of art all over the world. In fact, most of the paintings and other art work hanging in museums and galleries have done on canvas. The reason behind this is that the combination of canvas cloth and ink or paint gives stunning results.

The canvas art prints material is breathable and has tiny holes all over its surface. This allows the paint to be absorbed deep into the cloth fibers and not sit on the surface like prints on photo paper. As the ink absorbed deep into the material, it highly durable and cannot peeled off easily.

This also gives a rich vibrancy to the printed images and gives them a life-like quality. Because of these reasons that this canvas photos base material used in paintings now used to print photographs. Pictures for interior décor or to display in museums and art galleries.

canvas modern living room interior
canvas modern living room interior

Benefits of Using Canvas for Prints

Canvas printing has become one of the most talked about technologies of the modern printing world. Its most popular attraction is that canvas ideas successfully merges modern technology with tradition and gives great results. Given below are some major benefits of printing on canvas:

  • Canvas made up of cloth fibers and thus more durable than prints on paper. While photo paper prints start losing their new sheen and quality in just a few years, canvas prints can last up to decades with some basic care and maintenance. This one of the main reasons why they used in interior decoration.
  • As the canvas material is made up of breathable cloth fibers, the printing ink seeps deep into it. This gives canvas prints a life-like quality and make the images look more vibrant.

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  • The texture of the picture canvas print is such that it smudges the sharp edges of the original picture and gives watercolor painting effect to the picture. This effect sets it apart from conventional printed pictures.
  • The use of canvas print is still not much widespread. Hence, as it not used much, it stands out and makes sure that people notice it. A good quality canvas picture can have a mesmerizing effect and make it impossible to walk past it without noticing.
  • Print on canvas is much more than a flat printed picture on your wall. You can use different shapes, sizes, and arrangements of canvas prints to adorn your walls. When it comes to canvas prints, the options and possibilities are endless.

Lastly, you can choose from a number of textures and finishes to give your canvas print a distinct look. While the matte texture gives a traditional and natural look to the print, the satin or the glossy surface makes the canvas print look sophisticated and high-end. It is not necessary to add a glass frame to the canvas as it is protected by a coating of lacquer.

Why Is It Better to Stretch a Canvas than Mount It?

When you choose canvas prints for your office or home décor you are likely to be faced with a number of choices. There are a number of materials, textures, and finishes to choose from.

There also various framing options that you encounter once the print done. Two common types of framing that canvas printers suggest stretch canvas and mounted canvas.

In a stretched canvas art the picture stretched over a wooden frame and the edges of the picture anchored to the sides of the frame. On the other hand, in a mounted canvas, the picture stretched and wrapped around the frame so that a part of the picture’s sides can look as the edge. A mounted canvas generally used for pictures that no  framed and hanged as is. One of the major benefits of the mounted canvas is that it gives a three dimensional look when you picture it on canvas and sets it apart from flat printed pictures on the wall. However, the stretched canvas is the more popular option. Given below  some of its advantages over stretched canvas:

It Looks Better

As said before, in a mounted canvas, the edge of the picture is wrapped around the canvas. This means that some of the picture is not visible from the front. This might be a problem for some pictures that are viewed at once and the break in the line of sight due to the wrapping of the cheap canvas prints destroys its overall look. Therefore, for most pictures, the stretched frame is preferred as on this the whole of the picture is visible from the front.

It Is More Durable

The stretched frame technique keeps the picture safer and more protected from damage. Unlike the mounted technique. The picture not folded and no creases made to appear on the surface of the canvas. Since the edge of the picture folded over the frame in mounted canvas, it may cause damage to the print. The picture might start fading, discoloring, or peeling near the edges. Additionally, once a picture mounted, a glass frame cannot added to it. You can easily add a glass or a clear fiber glass frame to the stretched canvas print which helps in keeping it more durable.

Costs Less and Takes less Time

It takes a lot of careful skill and technique to a mounted canvas print right. It has to done at the right time after the print and lacquering. Any misjudgment on the part of the printing professional can ruin its entire look. Therefore, canvas prints take time and even cost more. On the other hand, it is comparatively easier to stretch a canvas print on the frame and thus takes less time and money.

Therefore, although mounted canvases widely used, it the durability and cost effectiveness of the stretched canvas that makes it the more popular option.