A Guide to Using Canvas Prints for Office Décor

Only a few years ago, the ideal office décor comprised of functional and practical design elements along with dark colors. This considered to contribute to an ideal atmosphere to work in.

Due to the common designs and colors. Almost all offices had the same look and there was little to set them apart from each other. However, recently the dynamics of office décor has changed a great deal. Employers now want their work spaces to look distinct and have a unique personality. This has been found to improve employee morale and make people want to work at such places.

If you are renovating your office and want to include invigorating elements, one of your most important concerns must be wall décor. If you are thinking about ditching the same old wallpaper designs and paint patterns, create canvas prints might be what you are looking for.

The Choice of the Picture

Since the picture is going to be hung in a professional space, you have to be extra careful about the photograph you pick. You must make sure that the picture bodes well with the atmosphere of the place. Although you might want a fun workplace look for your office, pick large custom canvas prints that are appropriate for its surroundings and doesn’t cause embarrassment later.

Choose the Color Schemes Carefully

The choice of colors is important as colors and design patterns have been known to have effects on the subconscious minds of the people exposed to it. The colors used in the photo printing on canvas must be compatible with the color of the walls and the furniture in the office. Make sure that you don’t choose a color scheme that makes the canvas too dull or too bright as neither will have desirable effects.

Size of the Canvas


Deciding the size of the canvas is of utmost importance especially when it comes to office décor. If you choose a size that is too small when compared to the surrounding it. Might not draw any attention at all. On the other hand, if the print is too large. It will negatively affect the decorum of the workplace and draw undue attention to itself. A canvas that is too large for the wall or the room might also cause a break in the concentration of the workers. Therefore, make sure that you select the size of the canvas print or multiple canvas wall art after careful consideration.

Placement of the Canvas

The canvas must placed where it can seen and admired. But it shouldn’t an obstacle or come in the way. This can be highly distractive and you wouldn’t want a distracting element in the middle of your office. Choose a place that not too concealed but at the same time. It must not be a high traffic area.

Therefore, decorating your office with a Denver canvas is not as easy as pasting wallpaper or picking out wall color. You become required to make some other decisions. However, the effort is justified as canvas art on walls in professional spaces can be a stunning piece of décor.