Make the Right Choice between Acrylic and Canvas Prints

Acrylic and Canvas Prints

There is much more to how a photograph looks than just composition, lights, and shadows. If your photograph is to be displayed at a photography show or art gallery, it is important to pay special attention to the material that it is to be printed on. The printing technique and the use of the base material play a very important role in how the photograph will finally look. Therefore, it is important to understand the different printing materials and available to you and how they affect the print.

You must have spent long hours in selecting the location and thinking about the composition of the picture to get the perfect shot. But all your work might turn out to be fruitless, if you choose a printing technique that doesn’t do justice to the photograph.

Two of the most popular options between which you will be required to choose are large canvas photo prints and acrylic prints. Although both of these have gorgeous and stunning results, they are very different from each other.

Both of these print methods

Both of these print methods can give an attractive and distinct quality to the photograph. So how do you choose between canvas and acrylic prints? Given below is a discussion that might help you make the right choice by breaking down multiple canvas art and acrylic prints:

The Appearance

This is the very first thing that you need to consider when printing a picture. As the final appearance of the print must be aesthetically pleasing. This must be your aim from the very start. Acrylic prints offer rich, sharp, and vibrant images that give a contemporary and sleek look to the picture. 8×8 canvas prints, on the other hand, gives a beautiful texture to the image and gives it a whole new dimension. This why canvas prints the more popular choice for home décor while acrylic prints more popularly used for open areas or office spaces and receptions.

The Price

In this regard, canvas has hands down advantage as they are largely cheaper than acrylic. Materials and also provide enhanced durability to the prints. This makes canvas a preferred choice among photographers and artists.

Color and Quality

When it comes to the vibrancy of color, acrylic prints generally preferred over canvas prints. This is because acrylic prints have a high reflective quality that gives a rich quality to the print. The acrylic material is such that no light passes through it. So even a small amount of color can make the ink look vibrant. On the other hand, more ink needs to added onto the cheap canvas pictures to get a richer print. Using ink in high quantities makes canvas lose some of the sharpness in images.

However, its because of this very reason why canvas printing becomes as preferred by some photographers. 11×14 canvas print tones down the edges of the images and give it a beautiful oil painting effect. This is also useful in giving a traditional look to the picture and hide minor mistakes.