Photo Print Or Canvas: Which Is Better?

Photo Print Or Canvas?

In the last few years, giant canvas art printing has become one of the most talked about and used printing techniques. These and many reasons for its wide popularity but the major ones cost effectiveness and durability.

When the cost and quality of canvas and photo paper prints compared, canvas emerges as the hands down winner. This why it has seen recently that canvas has giving stiff competition to other traditional printing methods.

As the printed canvas art not required framed with glass, they become very light in weight and can easily hung or placed anywhere. Due to the absence of the glass frames, canvas can hang anywhere. Placed in high traffic areas of the house and even printed in the children’s room where you would never risk hanging a glass frame.

Some Differences between Photographic and Canvas Printing

While the basic concept of printing is similar whether the material used is paper or canvas, there are some differences between the two. Printable paper is made from wood pulp while canvas material is made out of cloth fibers. As the base material for the two is completely different, the printing ink takes differently to both of them. It has been seen that the way canvas x absorbs the ink gives it a vibrant and rich look that prints on paper cannot achieve. This is because when the printing ink is applied on paper, it rests on the surface and dries off without being completely absorbed. This is one of the major reasons why the prints on canvas and photo paper look so different.


Another big reason why both these printed materials look so different is that they have distinct textures. While photo paper has a highly glossy look and gives really sharp images, canvas gives an oil painting quality to the print. Lastly, these two types of prints different in the way that they protected from damage. While a glass frame added to photo paper prints for protection, custom canvas prints cheap have a clear lacquer coating applied on them.

A Detailed Comparison between Canvas and Photographic Prints

As you can see, which the concept of printing is the same; these two types of prints are very different from each other. Photographic prints have a glossy sheen but do not have much longevity when compared to canvas prints. Prints on photo paper start fading after just a few years and even before if right care is not taken. On the other hand, canvas prints can last up to decades with some basic care and maintenance. The print on canvas has a much longer life as it is absorbed into the fabric and cannot be easily scraped off.

It is because of these reasons that people are now shifting to canvas prints after years of relying on traditional photo paper prints. Order canvas prints to give a unique and distinct look to the room and add stunning pieces of wall décor.

Display Banners Printed On Canvas?

Even in the digital age, there are some things that never change. This is very true when it comes to the way that the advertising world functions. Although a number of new advertising and marketing techniques have emerged that make use of digital technology, the relevance of print technology, especially for display ads has not diminished. The cry of “print dead” now declared to a fallacy. This because the use of print technology in marketing is not dead, but it went through some drastic changes.

Earlier, most of the print advertising pieces printed on paper. This was because printing technology was not advanced enough to allow prints on others surfaces. With time, artificial materials like vinyl and mesh emerged.

These became the most preferred materials for display advertising owing to their sturdy nature and great print quality. However, nowadays, a better 12×12 canvas print material has introduced in the field of printed display ads. Given below are some benefits of using canvas for printing display banners:

Great Canvas Quality of Display

A successful print marketing campaign must be able to draw the attention of the public towards it. In this regard, 30×30 canvas prints have no close rivals. Since canvas made from cloth fibers, the printing ink absorbed more readily into the material. This gives a rich, vibrant quality to the print that cannot achieved on vinyl or mesh. It is this quality of prints on canvas that make it highly noticeable and thus an ideal method of display advertising.

Longevity and Sturdiness Of Canvas

One of the widely known reasons for the popularity of advertisements printed on canvas is that they are highly durable. Most display advertisements left up for long periods of time. This provides repetitive exposure and thus has a more desirable effect on the potential customers. Prints create your canvas covered with protective lacquer which protects the material and the print from damaged. This allows the advertisers to use the same print for a long time. This works even better if the canvas advertisement displayed indoors.

Versatility of Use

Canvas prints as versatile and tend used for various types of advertisements and at different locations. For example, although canvas  used for roadside banner ads, they better used at trade shows or conventions. Canvas prints help advertisers to reach a targeted audience by strategically placing the printed advertisement.

Additionally, canvas offers a number of wide choices in relation to the types of materials, textures, framing a canvas print and price ranges. While 100% cotton canvases sturdy and of high quality, they expensive and thus used for projects that have a high budget.

On the other hand, polyester canvases, though not as durable as cotton, offer stunning print at low costs. This why polyester canvas prints used for bulk projects that have a low budget. Thus, 18×24 canvas print ads are becoming very popular in the advertising sphere for these reasons.