Questions about Canvas Photo Prints for First-Timers

Canvas photo prints have become of one of the most talked about topics in the printing industry. With the easy availability of the digital printing technique, it has become possible to print on surfaces other than paper. In fact, matte and photo paper prints have seen tough competition from canvas, especially in interior decoration. This is because canvas photo prints are much more durable than those on paper and give a life like quality to images.

It is because of these reasons that canvas printing is fast becoming one of the most trusted elements in home and office décor all over the world. If you have been thinking of getting your first canvas photo prints pictures print or are just want to gain more knowledge about it, here are some frequently asked questions that might provide some insight:

Why Is Canvas Photo Printing Than Photographic Prints?

Photographic prints have long been the preferred choice for all kinds of printing projects, but this is no longer the case. Photographic prints give a uniform look to all prints. On the other hand, different types of custom canvas prints materials can give a distinct look to different prints and makes it stand out. Simply speaking, canvas photo prints gives a sophisticated and high-end quality that even the best quality paper cannot match.

canvas modern living room interior
canvas modern living room interior

Canvas Photo Prints Preferred By Photographers?

If you were to walk into a photography show or an art display gallery. Chances are that most of the pictures and photographs hanging on the walls would be on canvas. Although canvas becomes cost effective and highly durable, due to its texture that it is preferred by photographer and artists. The texture of the photo canvas material is such that it tones down the sharp edges of the images printed on it and hides minor mistakes very well. It also gives a beautiful water color quality to the picture.

What Are the Choices in Canvas Photo Printing?

The best thing about canvas printing is that it offers a number of choices. You can choose from various materials, textures, finishes, canvas sizes and frames. Canvas materials like 100% cotton or polyester give are two popular options. However, the most used canvas material is a 60-40 cotton-polyester blend. This offers an inexpensive and durable option and is best used for bulk projects. This blend is also great for recurring printing projects that require consistency as the color of the cotton-polyester blend doesn’t differ from roll to roll.

How Do Different Canvas Finished Differ From Each Other?

canvas floor standing two frames in interior
canvas floor standing two frames in interior

Canvas printed with a number of distinct finishes to set it apart from generic paper prints. Contrary to popular belief, the base material of the canvas stays the same regardless of the print. The type and amount of coat that applied to the surface later that determines it finish. You can choose from a number canvas finishes such as matte, satin, and high gloss.

Hopefully, the above FAQs were successful in answering some of your queries related to canvas prints.