Rolled and Stretched Canvases

To make sure that durable and of good quality, photos printed on canvas use only the best quality material. A large format printer is used for the print. If done right, the print completed in a very short period of time. There are several canvas printing companies that offer their services online. Customers can order the canvas prints online just by uploading the picture and choosing the material and the size that they want.

Rolled and Stretched Canvases Projects

After the print has done, the printers offer a choice between rolled or stretched canvases. If you order a rolled canvas, the canvas is rolled up after the print has dried and transported in a mailing tube for shipping. On the other hand, a stretched canvas looks exactly like a canvas that artists paint on. The art canvas prints material stretched over a wooden frame to make it easy to display and give it a particular shape. If you order a stretched canvas print, it doesn’t have fframed.

canvas floor standing two frames in interior
canvas floor standing two frames in interior

How The Canvas Print Cost Determined?

As mentioned before, costs of canvas prints vary and is dependent on a number of conditions. Two of the biggest factors the size of the print and the canvas quality used. Higher quality canvases make the print last longer and are thus pricier. Some companies use protective coatings and special sealants to help protect the canvas from water damage or discoloring and fading. This may also raise the price to some extent but the quality will be great and the print will be durable.

Small canvas prints cost lesser as larger sized canvases not only require more canvas material but also better quality framing. However, the cost may vary from one service to another.