Guide for Decorating with Wall Art Cheap Prints

Wall Art

In order to put beautiful art on the walls of your home or office space, you need to have an eye for design. While you can easily go with your gut feeling but this guide may help you in decorating the walls with magnificent art cheapest prints on canvas. Instead of leaving the walls blank you can easily provide the walls a unique look with canvas wall décor. With framed canvas cheap prints you can easily enhance the beauty of the room.

Just like your furniture’s, the artwork can also help to change the entire ambience of the room. Hence, it’s important to set a room with the right wall art. You can easily opt to create a stylish canvas gallery wall with same size canvas cheap prints. Make sure that the wall art goes well with the décor of your room.


Cheap Prints on Canvas Art to Wall Ratio

In case you are planning to hang the canvas pictures on a blank wall then and don’t know what size of canvas would be right for the walls then you need to do a little Maths. Calculate the wall width with 0.57 that will give you the ideal width of the artwork.

Try Something Distinctive

Often some people make the confusion and equate posters and regular paintings with best cheap canvas wall art, but it’s not the same thing. Canvas wall art is basically a process of digitally cheap print a photo on the canvas in such a way so that it looks exactly like the original paintings/ pictures.

Rule of Three

If you are planning to buy canvas art cheap then try to go for canvas wall art sets. You can easily hang a 3 piece canvas wall art which comes with a continuity of an image or picture on them. In fact, with 3 matching pieces of frame work you can easily hang them up in various ways. You can create a row or hang them in groups.

Select the Right Height

The wall canvas art must be hanged at 56” or 145 cm from the ground. The formula behind this is 145 cm +half the length of the paintings minus the distance from the wire at full tension.

Show Your Style

When you are planning to put up a wall art, then chances are there that you would want to hang them on the walls for a long time. So, it is always important to hang a cheap printing which you would love to see in the long run. From abstract wall art to modern wall art to traditional wall art, you can easily use them. Make sure that the wall canvas décor matches your personality.

Connect With Your Room

Always try to connect the artwork with the room’s elements. The artworks must be placed at least 15-20cm above the sofa; 10-30 cm above the mantle. In case, you are planning to hang them on the staircase. Make sure you hang matching frames which follows museum wrapped and should form a diagonal line.

The above tips will certainly be useful when you are planning to create a canvas cheapest print for your own home. In fact, it can actually be an amazing one.