Stretched Vs. Rolled Canvas: Which Is Better?

Stretched Vs. Rolled Canvas

If you want to turn your artwork into something that easily displayed and admired by all, cheap canvas printing might be the right option for you. The beauty of canvas prints is that they offer a beautiful hybrid of modern techniques and traditional aesthetic sense.

This merging of two distinct fields tied together so well by canvas prints that it impossible to take your eyes off from it.

Earlier, prints could only done on photographic paper and it was automatically the first choice universally. On the other hand, canvas limited to paintings and other hand drawn art. However, the emergence of digital printing has merged canvas materials and printing together resulting in stunning pictures on canvas. In order to make sure that your printed canvas looks good, you have to pay attention to the details like choice of materials, finishes, textures, sizes, and frames. In the following discussion, you will learn about the various choices you have when it comes to canvas framing. It can also help you make the right choice.

Stretched and Rolled Canvas

Before put up on a frame, the canvas print has spread and stretched. In fact, all canvases that displayed have stretched. A canvas print that stretched and stapled to a thin wood frame is called a stretched canvas. This is a basic exhibition or art show look. If you want, you can display the photo canvas prints or it additionally framed. One thing that you must remember is that although additional ornamental frames may look good, but they add weight to the canvas print. If the light weight nature of canvas prints is important to you, it recommended that you attach no additional frames to the stretched prints.

On the other hand, a rolled canvas on demand groupon print is a simple print before it has stretched. It just a printed canvas that has lacquered and delivered to you. Many people order only rolled canvases as they like to do the stretching themselves. However, if you have no experience in this regard and don’t want to take unnecessary risks, the stretching is best left to professionals.

Why Order a Stretched Canvas?

It best to have the printing company do the stretching as this will make sure that it done properly and the print is not damaged in the process. Also, prints that are stretched have better quality than those that are not. Stretching, if done well can bring out the vibrant colors and look more attractive than a rolled custom canvas print.

Why Order a Rolled Canvas?

In some cases it better to order a rolled canvas. If you have some amount to knowledge about framing, stretching the canvas yourself is a lot cheaper. If you are ordering a print online, it best to order a rolled one as it safer shipped in the rolled form. You can stretched by a local printed once you receive it.

Various Benefits of Stretched Canvas Prints

When it comes to canvas printing, the customer given a number of choices. Although people generally sure about the material, finish, and texture they looking for, most trumped when required to choose from different canvas framing techniques. You might be of the opinion that the framing of the canvas will not have much effect on its look but this is not true. The various frames and wraps, if rightly chosen, can transform the look of the canvas and elevate it to a great extent. This is why you must never take the framing of the canvas prints cheap lightly.

Once a canvas is printed, a protective lacquer coat is applied on it. This keeps the material free from damage and prevents the print from peeling off. It after the lacquer has applied and dried, that the finishing touches are given.

Rolled, Stretched, and Mounted Canvases

When you order a canvas print, the printers will deliver it to you exactly how you want it. Generally, there three choices offered to the customer. If you want your canvas delivered to you as is after the printing done, you can ask for a rolled canvas. After the print has done and the protective coating applied, the UT Austin canvas will just rolled and delivered to you. This is often preferred by some as it doesn’t take much time and also costs marginally less. The rolled canvas is the best choice if you are not sure how you are going to display it yet. It can also stored or transported easily than mounted or stretched canvases.

The stretched canvas on the other hand simply stretched over the frame and anchored to the sides. The entire photos on canvas visible on the front of the stretched canvas. In a mounted canvas too, the canvas print stretched but instead of attaching it to the edges of the frame. Its wrapped around it so that about half an inch. Of the sides of the picture makes up the edge of mounted canvas.

Benefits of a Stretched Canvas

Its generally said that a stretched canvas has much more durability than a mounted canvas. This comes due to the fact that the stretched canvas not folded. Near the edge and thus doesn’t have any creases on the surface.

These creases and folds, which form in the mounted canvas, might result in the paint peeling off or the canvas discoloring near the edges. Therefore, it has seen that stretched canvases are more durable. Keep the print looking fresh for a long period of time.

Its also easier to store a stretched canvas. This because the stretched canvas frame makes sure that the printed surface. Doesn’t come in contact with anything that can damage it.

Lastly, as stretching a canvas fairly uncomplicated for professionals, it done faster than printing and mounting photo to canvas and can also cost significantly less.