4 Important Considerations on a Great Poster Design

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In this competitive world, business houses are trying hard to survive the rat race. For this, they are often looking out for various ways that can help them to advertise their product and services effectively to the consumers. Apart from the vinyl banners, flyers, and brochures, cheap posters are also turning out to be an effective medium that are helping the business houses to attract a lot of potential clients for their business. In turn, this is helping the business houses to increase the ROI for their business.

Cheapest Printing companies like 55 cheap print can aid you in cheap printing your clean, eye-catching poster design that can make strong visual impression on the mind of the audience. As poster is one form of cheap print marketing, while designing it one should be careful.

Cheapest poster prints

Care should taken to design it in such a way so that it lingers in the mind of the audience. For the business houses, it is very important to ensure that the poster is able to convey the most important message. Hence, they need to be careful with the poster cheap design.

High Quality Images For Posters

Selection of the right type of image is very important for a poster. The image should be used in such a way so that it goes well with the image. If you have chosen an image then you need to be careful about the quality of the image. Cheap Printing companies like 55printing.com can help the customers in choosing the right format of image so that the result of the cheap print is not bleary.


Text Hierarchy: Using text hierarchy in the poster design can help the target audience to easily identify the important message. Basically, varied font sizes used for the posters. While making cheap poster prints, if the important text is highlighted with a bigger font size and bright color, then it will easily attract the reader to it. It is important to consider what you want your target audience to view at first.

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Color Combinations: When you are going for a large poster prints cheap, it is important to choose a color that can easily represent the subject of the poster. For example, if the subject of your poster is Nature, then green or blue color would be best to use. After choosing the subject color, complimentary colors can be chosen that can go well with green or blue color. Cheap Printing companies like 55 cheap printing are careful. In not overdoing with colors as it puts a strain on the eyes.

Layout of Poster Cheap Printing

The layout also vital part that needs taken care of when creating an eye-catching poster. Layout basically means the way the elements arranged in the posters. Keeping the target audience in mind, you must check whether the layout you have chosen is suitable. A balance of the texts and the images maintained throughout the poster.

Cheap poster prints

Business houses while going for affordable poster printing should not compromise on the creativity of the poster. If they need they can provide a creative touch to the design by using various typefaces. While keeping the poster simple. It is important for the business houses to ensure that the target customers can easily relate to the poster and get the message.

Poster Printing Cheap

How will Your Business Benefit from Poster Printing Cheap?

Poster printing cheap is a great way to advertise or market your business. They are flexible and thus, you can use it for various kinds of business. If you choose, you will have enough room for creativity. Posters are turning out to be a popular way to send out a message to the customers. It is effective for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in cheap printing posters for your business.  

Poster Printing Cheap
Poster Printing Cheap

Size and Space

If you have something important to say about your business, you can take the help of posters printing cheap. It offers you enough space to discuss about your business. There are a large number of outdoor posters. These are larger in size.  However, if you want to deliver the message inside, you can choose small and indoor posters from cheap 55 printing. This is a great way to advertise your business. Delivering a message in an original and effective manner is not an easy task. However, with posters, you will be able to choose any size you want.

Keeping the Posters

In case you want to cheap print for special occasions, a poster is a great way to do it. Moreover, the added benefit is, you will not have to reprint again, next year. When you display this cheap print outdoor, you can be sure that the poster is the ideal choice. This is because it is made of durable material. Hence, believe it or not, this is an affordable investment.

Quality and Clarity

If you are able to choose a good cheap printing company like 55printing, you will be able to get quality and clarity in the posters. This will offer a sharp quality to your poster. As a matter of fact, the poster will not appear cheap. Also, the printing company will not compromise on the quality. Thus, this will help you to create a favorable impression on the customers.


It is the age of digital ads. However, people can scroll down digital ads. Keep in mind that the newspaper ad will prove to be irrelevant at the end of the day. The customers will toss it into the dustbin. However, if you use posters, it will stick around for a much longer time. Moreover, they are also harder to ignore.

Visibility and Versatility

The best part about poster printing cheap is that you will be able to place them anywhere you want. Thus, it is the most versatile and visible advertising form. You can place it on the buses, cafes, offices, and streets. Since you are using posters, your business will become impossible to ignore.

Tips to Choose a Printing Company

Deciding to print posters is not enough. You need to make sure that you have chosen a good printing company like cheap55printing. If you are facing problems to choose one, here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Check if the company has enough experience of printing posters.
  • Read the reviews and testimonials of the customers online. This will help you to get an idea about the kind of service that they provide.
  • Ask about the type of material they use. The printing company should use good quality material for your posters.
  • Do not forget to ask about the customer care facility of the printing company. Make sure that they help you out if you are facing some problems.
  • The company should provide on time delivery to the customers.


Poster Design Black And White

What are the Advantages of Poster Design Black and White?

There are different ways to communicate with the target market but poster design black and white is an efficacious method. If you print large posters, you will be able to display the message clearly. With the help of the posters, you can grab the audience’s attention. Hence, they will come to know about your product and services that they might not otherwise know about. It has the ability to make the customers remember about the business. This is a great promotional tool for small and medium scale business that is planning for brand awareness.

Poster Design Black And White
Poster Design Black And White

Here are some reasons you should consider choosing poster design black and white.

Cheaper Cost

When you cheap print and distribute posters, you will be able to create a promotional tool at a much cheaper cost. As a matter of fact, this is cheaper than T.V. or radio advertisement. The process of printing from cheap55printing is quite simple and involves few people. You will be surprised to know that your poster can go from the concept stage through the final stage in a matter of days. Thus, you will be able to begin your promotion much earlier.

Shape and Size Flexibility

You will be able to print poster design black and white in different shapes and sizes. A letter size poster will enable you to send the poster as mail. Moreover, it can easily fit in the bulletin boards. If you want a greater visual impact then you should for large size poster. A large poster with a better color scheme can capture the audience’s attention in a better manner.

Easily Visible

You have the option to target specific location with the poster. This will increase your brand visibility in the particular area. If you take the help of poster promotion, you will be able to impress people with imagery. As a matter of fact, with this you will be able to ensure that whatever the customer see will stick in their heads for long. You should not be afraid that you will scare people away. It is necessary to check that the poster design black and white is viewed by maximum people.

Encourage an Active Response

If you find someone checking out your poster then you will know that they are engaging with the surrounding. It might be that they are simply passing by the area or they are standing at the bus stop. However, once you have their attention, you can use the call to action to encourage them to respond. Irrespective of whether it is about attending an event or making a phone call, a poster from 55printing.com will help in sending a clear message.

Long Term Exposure

The posters you put up is accessible to the customer 24×7. Thus, it has a long shelf life in comparison to the other print media. If you put it up the right location then the poster will stay there for days. Moreover, the readers can check out the posters all the time.

If you choose poster for your promotion, you will be able to distribute it easily. However, check out the legal restrictions of each town and city. You also have to check if you need the permission to place the poster. There are some companies that have a certain bulletin area for all kinds of public posting. Make sure that your poster is durable and of high quality.

Poster Print Custom Size | Poster Printing

Facts about Poster Print Custom Size

Poster print custom size offers an easy way for companies to promote their services and products. In fact, there are several benefits offered by these print materials. For example, they are quite cheap. In fact, you can print hundreds even on a small budget. At the same time, they are effective marketing tools. In fact, you can easily increase your customer base with them.

The Low Cost Requirements

One of the best things about poster print custom size is that they are very cheap. You do not require a large budget for printing hundreds of posters professionally. For this reason, even small companies invest in cheap printing posters.

There are ways to reduce the costs even further. For example, you do not need to hire a professional designer. After all, there are templates available online. With those templates, you can easily create an amazing poster with little effort. Therefore, you do not even need to have knowledge of design software to accomplish this. Moreover, you are saving on a major expense by handling the design yourself.

Additionally, you can save on transportation costs by getting free shipping on the posters. Most cheap printing agencies tend to offer free shipping. This is particularly beneficial when you are ordering a large number of posters.

The Visibility

There is no shortage of places where you can display your posters. You can certainly display them with your store and shops. Additionally, there are several places outside such as posts where you can place the posters. Moreover, posters by their very nature tend to attract attention. By focusing a bit on the design, you can make them more attractive.

There are also techniques that you can use to enhance the visibility of your posters. A common technique is repetition. In this method, you will place several of your posters together in a cluster, side by side. As such, it is certain that people will take notice of your posters.

The Images

A poster print custom size should have images. After all, people like looking at images, especially in a poster. In fact, strong graphics are instrumental to the success of poster marketing activities.

Of course, to get the most of them, you must select the right images. Choose images that are relevant to the marketing campaign. Ensure that the images are interesting so that people will look at them. Of course, the images must suit the theme of the poster. Some styles that you can consider include minimalistic and retro.

If you want a creative poster print custom size, consider typography. This technique involves creating a design out of text. They can look extremely attractive when executed correctly.

The Printing Company

To get the most out of the posters, hire a professional agency like 55printing.com. A professional company will ensure that you get excellent poster prints at affordable prices. Of course, you should also choose the right materials for the job. Take your time to discover a printing firm that delivers good results.

Poster Print Dimensions | Poster Printing

What are the Benefits of Using Poster Print Dimensions for Marketing?

Even in this digital era, digital mail like poster print dimensions is stellar opportunities to market products effectively. In comparison to lengthy advertisements, posters work pretty effectively. These are large enough and people can notice it easily. If you are still confused as to whether you should use it for your brand, you should check out the following benefits.

Poster Print Dimensions
Poster Print Dimensions


One of the primary benefits of poster print dimensions from cheap 55 printing is that it is available at a low price. As a matter of fact, posters are the most affordable form of marketing that is available to you. If you are able to choose the company properly, you will be able to print the poster at a much cheaper rate. Moreover, you will be able to print poster in any size you want.


Posters are versatile like your imagination. You will be able to use it to introduce new products and services. Moreover, you will also be able to use to announce a sale or invite people to a show. Thus, any kind of marketing idea can be conveyed with the help of a poster.


Unlike other the forms of cheap printing, posters are not hidden inside an envelope. It takes only few seconds to show the customers what special offer you are providing if you are using a postcard. Since you do not need to take any additional steps, the poster can create an immediate impression.

Higher Impact

A poster is not a multipage documentary; it is simple piece of large marketing material. If you are able to use the right design, you will be able to have a higher impact. The use of creative color and eye-catching design will help you to improve its impact.

Strategic Location

One of the greatest advantages of using a poster for your business is that you will be able to place it anywhere you want. Thereafter, you can be sure that anyone will notice it. You can place the posters strategically in order to promote the business to a specific market sector. For instance, if you have a restaurant, you can place the postcards on a busy road. This is where you will be able to appeal to the hungry customers.

Tips to Print a Poster

 When you plan on to print for cheap poster print dimensions, you need to make sure that you follow these tips.

  • It is better to get color poster instead of the black and white ones. This does not however mean that black and white printing is not effective. With the introduction of colors, the effectiveness of posters has increased.
  • Before you send the design to 55printing.com, you need to check the information that you have included. Make sure that the spelling and grammar is right. This way you will be able to avoid reprints.
  • When you invest in poster print, you need to make sure that it has the maximum impact. This way you will get maximum return on investment. Use the most attractive part as the headline of the poster. Thereafter, let the detail follow.
  • This method can prove to be effective if large number of people see it. Thus, you have to print enough posters to promote your products or services. The design must stand out from the crowd.

Can You Frame Poster Prints | Poster Printing

Can You Frame Poster Prints: Tips to Design Posters

When you think can you frame poster prints, you have to consider its design. There are various things that you can implement when it comes to poster design. You can obviously turn to experts for cheap printing and designing the postcards but it is fun when it do it on your own. Posters can be used for various purposes. However, it is mainly used for the business promotion.

Can You Frame Poster Prints
Can You Frame Poster Prints

If you are not sure how to design the postcards before printing it from 55 printing, you need to follow these tips.

Start with Good Idea

You should know that a great poster is not just about great aesthetics. As a matter of fact, it is also about the clever idea. Thus, you have to start with a good idea for the poster. Scribble down the ideas on a piece of paper. Once you have the ideas, you have to start thinking about lettering and illustrations. Make sure that your idea drives the visual.

Two in One

At times, you can start with the word list when you think of the can you frame poster prints design. List the nouns which will evoke interest in the poster’s message. When you have the list, start combining them with the help of the sketches. Make sure that the images that you include go with the message of the poster.

Take Inspiration from Your Life

When you are designing a poster before sending for cheap print, you need to take inspiration from your life. The poster should focus on the primary message. When you take inspiration from your life, you will be able to develop a robust message.

Make it Readable

The poster you design should be readable from a distance. Make sure that there is a hierarchy in the text. When you consider the poster design, here are the three distinctive layers.

  • The headline is the main element in the poster design. This can either be an addition to the art element or can itself be an art element. Make sure that you choose readable type face which is attractive.
  • When, what, and where? You need to answers these questions in the second level. Provide only the important information in the poster. The size of the content font should be smaller than the headline font.
  • Make sure that your poster has a fine print. This way you will be able to garner better reaction.

Improve the Contrast

You only have few seconds to grab the audience’s attention. Thus, you need to maintain a proper contrast in between the elements. You have to forget about the monochrome palette as it looks pale. Hence, you need to go bold with your color choice. You also need to think of the big color background. Mostly, poster designing starts with white canvas. Thus, you can use high color background. Keep full bleed so that the poster is different from the others.

Select the Size and Location

When you think of can you frame poster prints, you need to consider it will be located. This is necessary to take into account. This can have an effect on the poster size. When you know where it will be located, you will be able to take decisions on how you will create it. Keep in mind that the visual contrast is important inside the design. The background color is important to consider as it will affect the poster color.

You should not forget to include a call to action in the poster. This will help the customers to get in touch with you. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you use sturdy materials for your poster print.