Things to Consider When Getting The Cheapest Canvas Print

Cheapest Canvas Print

With the rising popularity of canvas printing, everyone wants to try their hands at it. However, canvas printing requires a little more thought than a traditional photo paper print project. Canvas prints from photos is not just about selecting a picture and getting it printed on canvas. There are several aspects of canvas printing that have to be considered if you want to get the job done right. Given below are some guidelines that will help you make the right canvas printing decision:

Which Canvas Material Are You Using?

Although collectively known as “canvas”, not all canvas printing materials are the same. There are a variety of different bases and blends of canvas stand that can be chosen from. The traditionally used canvas material is the 100% cotton. This has visible crisscross of the cotton fibers and absorbs the printing ink well, giving the picture an artistic watercolor or oil painting look. It does away with the sharp edges and hides tiny mistakes in the picture or photograph.

If you want sharper-looking free canvas print, you can choose polyester canvas. This is generally used for bulk projects that require consistency and is cheaper than any canvas material. You can also use a poly-cotton blend which is increasingly becoming popular.

Which Texture Will You Choose?

Canvas comes in a number of textures and finishes which can give a highly distinct and refined look to the print. For a mellow artistic picture, you can choose a matte finish which gives an old-world charm to the picture while maintaining quality. If you want a smoother finish, you can go for a stain finish which gives a smooth look to the surface and gives it a sophisticated look. If the location of the canvas is such that light reflection and glare isn’t a concern, you can choose a glossy canvas.

Which Picture Are You Using?

You might have a picture in mind that you might want to get on a canvas print, but unfortunately, it is not that easy. The quality of the picture, resolution, and the pixels has to match the canvas texture. For example, picture it on canvas reviews say that a low resolution picture will not look good on canvas. The print might end up being too hazy or blurry to hang on your wall. To get the best quality canvas, choose a picture will the highest pixels per inch count. Your professional printing service will help you in determining if a particular picture is suitable for canvas printing.

Additionally, before you order canvas prints you must also consider the aesthetics along with the technical aspects. Make sure that the picture you choose goes well with the rest of the décor and doesn’t look ungainly. You may think a picture looks nice enough to print on canvas but think of it. Not individual, but in relation to the rest of the room where you want to hang it. Choose a picture that will go with the overall décor. Something you will like looking at all the time in your house.