Tips for Choosing a Reliable Canvas Printing Company

Tips to Keep In Mind for Canvas Prints 

Whether you are an art lover or an artist, chances are present that you will buy an artwork that suits your taste or meets with your home décor plans. Right now, art prints on canvas are becoming the hottest property as it can easily provide a character to the room and also add a depth and texture to the décor.


With canvas printing technology you can easily print any kind of images on them. It can be your personal photographs or it can be the images that you downloaded from the stock photo sites or it can be any modern art prints that would go well with the furniture of the room. Basically, canvas printing is a kind of artwork that allows you to print any fine art on rolled canvas sheets.

Buy Artwork on Prints That You Would Love To Watch

You must go for those fine prints that you would love to see hanging on the walls of your home or office every day. So, try to choose an artwork that you love like Nature, Landscape, etc.

Try Different Mediums

Why should you always go for traditional oil paintings for decorating your office or home? Try something unique. You can go for panoramic canvas prints that can look best in the open spaces. You will not be restricted to any strict dimensions, as with canvas posters you can easily get to work on any dimensions.

Canvas is regarded as the best medium for printing images as it makes the images long lasting and also durable. The versatility of the canvases makes prints on canvas very popular.

Watch Out for Deals

When planning to print photo canvas you can easily check out for some amazing canvas photo deals that are usually provided by the canvas printing companies. By visiting the retail stores or the online sites you can easily take a look at the sample work done by the companies. During the deals, you can easily purchase canvas art sets and give your walls a gallery-like effect.

Choose the Right Size

Before hanging the square canvas prints or the large canvas prints on the blank walls of the room or office you must measure the dimensions of the wall of your room. This will help you to have a better idea on what space needs to be left and the space that will be occupied by the print.

white blank canvas in an exhibition
white blank canvas in an exhibition

Key Factor is The Color

It is important to pick the canvas artwork that can easily match the color of the room. An artwork with same color tone can easily become focal of attraction and can look great on the walls.

Don’t Forget the Focal Point

A room can have more than one area, which can easily draw the attention of the people. A single canvas portrait can become a focal point of attraction. In case of multi canvas wall art, one single art must be emphasized so that it attracts the attention of the people.

Hanging It Rightly

It is important to ensure that the artwork is hanged at a correct height. It must be hanged at eye level which is approximately 56-60” from the ground.

Do you want to transform your precious photo into beautiful canvas prints? Well, it’s not a costly initiative. But you need to be careful in choosing the printing companies as numerous canvas printing companies are coming up across the street and are claiming to provide the best services to the customer.

But not all are able to keep up with their claims as they make. So, in order to help you with making the right choice you need to follow this simple checklist.

Some of the important features that you need to find out when choosing a canvas printing company are:

Hidden Costs:

If the printing company starts to charge you for lamination, or for basic editing then you will know that this printing company is best to avoid.  Basically, a printing company should charge you all this within a single package.


Printing photo to canvas is not an easy task. If you have no idea then it’s better to leave it in the hands of the professional canvas printing services provider. Having long years of experience, they can easily create beautiful prints on the canvas. Having high-tech equipment they can easily create stunning prints. Inexperienced printers will not be able to create high-quality prints.


Make sure whether the printing company is taking any shipping charge for shipping the giant canvas prints or not.  Sometimes the shipping charge comes included within the cost. If they are charging you extra then it’s better to avoid them. Make sure they make everything clear about the shipping charges.

Firstly, you will need to do a thorough research on the company that you plan to hire for printing your photos to canvas. Make sure the company has earned a good deal of reputation in this field for providing fine canvas prints. The other questions that you need to ask the canvas printing company are:

Canvas Quality

Whether they would be using high-quality canvas prints for transferring the photos on the canvas or they would be using inferior quality of the canvas. Before ordering a custom canvas prints product you can ask for a specimen sample of their work. Make, sure that the printing company using high-quality 100% cotton canvas. Inks for printing the images on the canvas as it would hold the ink for a longer time and protect it from getting damaged.

If the company is using high-quality materials they will not hesitate to tell you that. Also, the website of these companies should be up to date.

Canvas Pricing

The pricing forms the most important factor of any canvas prints. Make sure that the canvas NYC companies provide you with a nominal price for standard sized prints like 8×8 prints or 8×10 canvas prints or 12×12 canvas prints and so on. In case you place an order for large custom canvas prints, then ask for the appropriate charge.

Canvas Delivery

Ask the printing companies about how they deliver the finished products. Whether they provide any insurance in case if the product damaged? If the printing companies take responsibility for the shipping then it’s best to hire them.