Tips for Fantastic Canvas Print

Fantastic Canvas Print

With time, more and more customers are adopting the process of printing photographs on canvasses. There has been a significant rise as well as the number of firms, almost, provide the service of canvas printing. You have ample number of options available to you and choosing the best firm might prove to be difficult. Here are some aspects which you need to take into account when you plan on printing a photo on the canvas.

The Weight of the Canvas

The canvas that used for canvas art has to be of a decent weight. This is a significant factor that you need to consider. Temperature changes and if you purchase a canvas that is lighter and thinner it might get sagged and the firmness of it will be reduced. This, in turn, will degrade the look of the canvas. This is reason you need to get dense and good quality canvas since the prints look excellent on them. It is durable and the print does not wear out easily. You will find the quality of cheap canvas art intact even after several years.

The Material of the Canvas

When you plan on getting the photos print on canvas, go for a canvas which is made using 100% cotton canvas. This will prevent it from getting discolored and improve the appearance of it. It offers a matte finish to the print and gives it an artistic look. Thus, the canvas printing has a professional look. You can use it professionally in your office, and also in your home. You need to stay away from the printing companies that offer poly-cotton canvas.

The Frame of the Canvas

Another significant thing that you need to consider when you opt for canvas ut Austin printing is the type of wood which is being used for framing the photo. This is because it related to the durability of the product. You can opt for a four part pine frame for the canvas. These kinds of frames supplied with hardwood wedges which placed at the corners of the frame. This will allow you to stretch the print over and over again. You need to stay away from printing services therefore which offer timber frames. A solid timber frame will not allow you to stretch the print. The canvas might sag and lose its shape.

Archival Ink

You always need to make sure that the 8×10 canvas printing that you are selecting uses archival ink. This ink is known to be resistant to fading. A majority of the printing compromise on the quality of the print to make more money by using cheap quality print. You first read the specifications in order to confirm the ink used as well as the best canvas printing company will always use archival inks.

Lacquering enhances the durability and the quality of the product. It protects the photo on the canvas from faded. It acts as shield against scratch marks and scuffs. Lacquering will also prevent the canvas from cracking at the edges. Thus, it will look fresh and clean even after several years.