Tips to Maintain the Stretched Canvas Prints

Stretched Canvas Prints

Canvas prints can be used for printing the photos of your family, vacation, and even the artwork of your child. Stretched canvas prints are durable and hence, you should use it if you want the picture to hang for a long period of time. These are something which you might plan on passing on down to your kids. However, even though it is durable, you need to try some tips to make your canvas print last.

Cleaning the Stretched Canvas Prints

There is a usually a protective coating in front of the canvas. When you find the wrapped canvas to be dirty, take a duster and use it to get rid of the dust. Here are few tips to clean your canvas properly.

  • Canvas prints are generally water resistant. However, too much exposure to moisture and wetness might spoil the print. If you spill water over the canvas then dab it with a dry and soft cotton cloth. Before the water absorbed by the canvas.
  • Sunlight is not good for the canvas print. As a matter of fact, direct exposure to sunlight for a long period of time can damage the canvas print. Thus, you need to avoid putting your canvas in a place where it can be exposed to sunlight. If it exposed to sunlight then you might see the color of the prints fade.
The Process
  • Canvas is made of a material which gets damages by excessive dampness and heat. Hence, you should not hang your canvas in a place where the temperature changes continuously. Avoid putting it in an insufficiently aired bathroom.
  • Acid can turn the canvas yellow and thereby destroy the entire picture. This is the reason, you need to use acid free frame. For this, you need to ask the canvas print company whether the frame is acid free or not.
  • For cleaning the free canvas print just remove it from the wall and tap it gently to remove the dust. Then take a soft cloth and rub it over the canvas surface. Do not apply too much pressure. You can use a damp cloth for wiping the stains of dust which develops over the canvas.

You need to clean on a regular basis to make sure the canvas prints retains its splendor.

Caring About the Stretched Canvas Prints Wooden Frame


Cheap stretched canvas prints always considered the safest print hung on the wall. If you are storing them, make sure that you do not put then in hot, cold, and humid room. You should always opt for a glossy finish canvas print instead of a matte one. This will help in reducing the glare. When you seal the canvas, you should be extremely careful with the overcoat which you use since it might have an adverse effect on the print.

When you get the photo canvas deal from a company make sure that you are choosing the one who knows what you are doing. You should go for the one who has a business only for a limited period of time.