5 Things That You Need To Know About Prints on Canvas

Prints on Canvas

Artwork on canvas is increasingly becoming a popular option among the people who are looking out for new ways to decorate their home and offices. Canvas art is becoming an integral part of the interior designing industry. The huge popularity of this art has lead to the rise of numerous photo to canvas art printing companies who are ready to transform your beautiful photos onto stunning canvas.

Before you head on to order canvas prints online from any reputable company. You have a look at some of the important pointers that become related to printing on canvas.

Types of Canvas

You will get to find various types of canvas fabrics that will allow you to print any type of photos on it. The different types of canvases that are usually available are cotton canvases, polyester canvases, and poly-cotton blend canvas. The best option that is available for making art prints is the cotton canvases as it allows the ink to easily penetrate into the fabric and thereby providing a more fine finish to the art work. Most importantly, the canvases that you choose must be durable so that it can last for a longer time.

Types of Inks

Before you place an order for canvas art prints from a reputable company you must make sure of the fact that they are using the best inks for making the art prints. While higher-quality archival inks, can last for a longer period; whereas the UV inks are also apt as it can be used to make the paint fade and UV ray resistant.

Prints Available

The printing companies can easily provide a wide variety of prints for the canvases. From art prints to floral prints, abstract prints to retro style prints are available. If you want to print your personal photograph on the canvases, then you can also go for that.

Suitable Photo Resolution

Most of the printing companies prefer to go for 300 dpi or more for printing the photos on the canvas. But the photo resolution also depends on the size of the canvas you are choosing. For example, a large custom canvas prints may require a less dpi.

In case you are looking for a photo collage on canvas, the quality of each photo should be slightly lower. In case, you don’t know whether the resolution is good or not, you don’t need to worry. As the canvas printing companies have some tools that can easily check if the photos are suitable to be printed on the canvas.


It is very important to understand the overall pricing of the canvas prints. The canvas price may vary based on the treatment offered on them; gallery wrapped or mounted; and so on.

Sometimes, you don’t need to hire a professional to create a great personalized wall art. You can easily transfer the photos of your pets or your favorite person printed on to a canvas. With the photos, you can either use it in the form of a collage or you can also use it simply as a single artwork to be displayed on the wall.

So, before ordering a canvas print you must keep the following things in mind.