Basic Guide to Canvas Prints

Guide to Canvas Prints

It is not a surprise that off late, that wall art have become immensely popular among the people. Walls arts now used to decorate the empty spaces like blank walls of a room or an extended hallway. It reckoned as a unique form of art that used to enhance the beauty of a room or a place.

Many printing companies are coming up who are providing cheap canvas printing services for the customers. But in order to make the canvas prints a great one, it is very important to make sure that you are putting the right process of printing on canvas so that the quality is great and it looks stunning from the eyes of the beholder.

Why Canvas Prints Are So Popular?

You might thinking that what’s so great about canvas prints? Well, with this technology you can easily reproduce the original artwork on the canvases.

In fact, you can easily go for 16×20 canvas size or an 11 x14 canvas size or 24×36 canvas prints. The canvases hangs just like that on the walls or if someone wants they can also frame it. As the canvas prints are a digital form of printing, it is considered relatively cheap than the traditional form of wall arts.

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Nowadays, the canvas printing space is at a competitive space and you will find many companies are providing canvas printing services in the world. In the USA, you will get to find many competitive players who are doing great work by transferring the photos on the canvas prints.

Type of Canvas Prints

  • Custom Canvas Prints: This print created using the digital photos.
  • Stock Canvas Prints: These prints created using stock images.
Canvas Material

There are two types of canvas materials available for making a photo on canvas. They are Cotton and Polyester.

Cotton canvases made with the help of natural cotton fibre; whereas the polyester canvases made up of synthetic strands of fibre that almost replicates the texture of cotton.

Weight of Canvas

One of the most important things that you need to consider is the weight of the canvas material. If a canvas is thicker the ink will absorb better.

Canvas Printing Option

There are many canvas printing options available for the canvas prints which must kept in mind when you are going to buy this form of wall art. With the advancement of technology, you will get to find two forms of printing techniques: Dye Sublimation and Ink-Jet Printing.

  • Dye Sublimation: It is also known as repligraphs. These prints are basically created using a heat-transfer technique which helps to transfer any form of an image on the polyester canvas. With this method, the ink penetrates deep into the canvas and creates a soft print that is not available with the ink-jet prints.
  • Ink Jet Printing: It also known as giclees. The prints created using a digital image or a photograph. Cheap prints made with the help of high-quality ink-jet printers. The prints almost create a detailed copy of the original prints.