Magnets are generally printed on the white front. It has a magnetic back that allows it to stick on. With magnets you will only be able to print on the front portion. They are available in various sizes like the ‘Custom Trim’. These are very useful tool that can serve as a marketing material for you.

Magnets are convenient way to provide information to the customers that you want them to keep handy. You can use them to promote your company, the products and services that you offer. People are more likely to stick them in places from where it can be viewed easily because they provide useful information.

Magnets print on a white front with a magnetic back that allows them to stick. You can only print on the front side. Available in many sizes including “Custom Trim”, Magnets are a useful tool for customers that can serve a dual purpose as marketing material for you. Depending on size, magnets can go just about anywhere they will stick.