Cheap Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are used by almost all the businesses irrespective of the products and services. These are generally used for organizing and storing several other types of marketing materials that are being used by the company.

Generally presentation folders come with two or more pockets to be able to hold the marketing materials. In certain designs, there are convenient corner slots on the inside where small, printed materials like business cards can be stored. These are good and effective as marketing tools. The most common size that is generally being ordered is 9” x 12”. These types of folders are mainly printed on 14Pt. Gloss Cover stock in full color on one side.

Presentation Folders are a tool designed to package and organize several other pieces of printing. In addition to the standard folder design, Presentation Folders have 1 or 2 pockets on the inside to hold your materials. They also offer convenient corner slots on the interior pockets to make it easy to include a business card.