Tips to Decorate with Canvas Print

Decorate with Canvas Print

Canvas prints have become truly popular is an excellent way to decorate the office and home. A stretched canvas will provide a gallery like effect. This is because the canvas comes out of the wall and gives a pleasurable view to the onlooker. There is an overwhelming number of canvas prints to choose from. Hence, it might be difficult to understand what to order and how to use it to decorate the walls. Take a look at the following tips for decorating with the canvasses. With the help of the canvas, you will be able to select a print which complements your furniture and the entire décor of your room.

canvas easel with blank canvas on a brick wall background
canvas easel with blank canvas on a brick wall background

Complement the Printed Theme of the Room

Understanding the attributes and purpose of the room is important before you select a canvas. Take into consideration whether it is a guestroom, bedroom, or dining room. Do not forget to consider the size of the room. If you have a large room then you will require a large canvas and if you have a small room, you will need a small canvas. Take every aspect into consideration and you will be able to get the type of print canvas which will complement the scale and color of your room.

Understanding the Importance of Vibrant and Neutral Colors

Neutral colors give a calming effect to the room. While, on the other hand, vibrant colors give an exciting effect to the room. You can opt for a bright blue color for an office canvas. If you want to put the canvas in the room of your kid then get a lively yellow color.

Landscape Art Gives Open Look

Landscapes canvas and sunset canvas which portray distant horizon is an excellent way to make your small space look big. The view of the horizon and art of images vanishing will give a window-like effect. This makes the small room more comfortable and it appears large in size.

If you have narrow walls then you need to choose smaller canvas and if you have big walls then select large 20×30 canvas print. A larger print on small wall will make it look room smaller. While, a small print on a large wall will make the room look empty and disproportionate. One way by which you will be able to test the size of the printed canvas is by using a paint tape for defining the boundaries of the print. You can also use a poster board or paper which of the same size of the canvas and find out how it will look in that position.

Take the Furniture Pairing into Consideration

The size and the theme of the cute canvas need to be based on furniture which you plan to use in the room. When you hang it over furniture, the print size shouldn’t be longer than the width of the furniture. Also, the theme of the canvas should be chosen in accordance with the furnishing of the room.

You should not forget that the print of the canvas also depends on how you are going to use it in your room. You should use odd number of prints in order to get a symmetrically attractive design for canvas collage.